MBL Neurobiology 2016


Section Description: The objective of the electrophysiology section is to learn electrophysiology from first principles to practical application. Students will receive lectures from leading scientists that range from the basics of whole cell recordings to ion channel structure/function to the molecular basis and modulation of synaptic transmission. Students will rotate through a series of experimental preparations that include the invertebrate neuromuscular junction, single channel recording and analysis in cultured cells, whole cell currents in cultured cells, and in vivo patch clamp recordings in tissue slices and intact central nervous system and glutamate uncaging. Rotations will be followed by independent research projects. These projects will be short, original research projects designed and executed under the guidance of individual teams of faculty and TAs. The goal is attain a basic understanding of the theory and application of a wide range of modern electrophysiological techniques and the application of these techniques toward solving outstanding questions in modern neuroscience.

Electrophysiology Resources:

Electrophysiology Readings (Dropbox Link) – use course login

Course Lectures (Dropbox link)

Tutorial Simulations and Other Educational Materials

Neuroscience Online – A surprisingly good free online textbook.
Neurons in Action – A great set of simulations of basic electrophysiological principles. Not free, but we will install it in some of the lab computers.
Nernst/Goldman Equation Simulator – Web-based simulator of N/G equation, useful for understnading concept of resting membrane potential.
Simulations of ion channels and excitable membranes – A useful online simulation from Pancho Benzanilla to better understand channel function. Uses outdated Java, so may not work.
MetaNeuron– A free computer program desinged to simulate passive and active membrane properties and synaptic transmission. Very intuitive.
Neuron– A fully-featured neuron simulator used in several research labs. Links to program, documentation and datasets can be found here. Best of all, it’s FREE!
SimePhys – Not very well developed ephys experiment simulator
SNNAP – Simulator for neural networks and action potentials
Electrophysiology of the Neuron – My favorite one, if you can get it to run on your machine.
Neuron Simulation Lab – Various ell designed tutorial simulating various single cell experiments, free from Amrita University, in India.
NeuroElectro – Database of various electrophysiological properties from various cell types.
NeuroLex – Morphology Database of various cell types, useful for modelling.
NeuroMorpho.org – Another morphology database
Allen Brain Atlas (Cell Types) – Database of electrophysiology and morphology properties from lots of cells. Not many cells yet, but very usable data and interface.

Electrophysiology Syllabus

Daily Schedule (some exceptions noted below)

9:00 – 12:00: Lecture

12:00 – 1:30 pm: Lunch/ Free time

1:30 – 6:00 pm: Lab

6:00 – 7:00 pm: Dinner/Free time

7:00 pm – evening: Lab and/or evening seminar


June 12 – Sun             6pm-9pm: Bar-B-Q in front of Loeb. Meet Physiology Faculty

June 13 – Mon            9am-12:00 Lecture: Jon Sack – Introduction to Voltage Clamp

1:30-6pm: Model Cell Demo, Rig tour

8:00pm Monday Night Lecture: Kathy Nagel, NYU

June 14 – Tues           9am-12:00 Lecture: Jon Sack – Single Channel Recording

1:30-evening: Rotations

June 15 – Wed           9am-12:00 Lecture: Ellen Lumpkin – Mechanotransduction

1:30-evening: Rotations

 June 16 – Thurs          9am-12:00 Lecture: Bruce Bean – Voltage Gated Channels

1:30-evening: Rotations

June 17 – Fri               9am-12:00 Lecture: Rod McKinnon – Structure of Ion Channels

1:30-evening: Rotations

June 18 – Sat             OFF

June 19 – Sun             OFF

June 20 – Mon            9am-12:00 Lecture: Diana Bautista- TRP Channels, Itch

1:30-6pm: Rotations

8:00pm Monday Night Lecture: Diana Bautista – UC Berkeley

June 21 – Tues           9am-12:00 Lecture: Carlos Aizenman – Modulation of intrinsic excitability

1:30-6pm: Rotations

Evening: Projects Meeting and Beer!

June 22 – Wed             9am-12:00 Lecture: Dan Johnston – Dendritic Integration

1:30-6pm: Rotations

Evening: Ephys Review – Breakout Session

June 23 – Thur         9am-12:00 Lecture: Chris Moore – Optogenetics and Neural Dynamics

1:30-evening: Projects 

June 24 – Fri               9am-12:00 Lecture: Ricardo Araneda – Olfactory Processing

1:30-evening: Projects

 June 25 – Sat             Day/Evening: Projects

 June 26 – Sun             OFF

 June 27 – Mon            9am- 12:00 Lecture: Mauro Costa-Mattioli – Synaptic Plasticity

1:30-evening: Projects

8:00pm Monday Night Lecture: Mauro Costa-Mattioli, Baylor College of Medicine

 June 28 – Tues             9am-12:00 Lecture: Martin Muller – Ca2+ Signaling & Synaptic Transmission

1:30-evening: Projects

June 29 – Wed              9am-12:00 Lecture: Patrick Kanold – Development of Neural Circuits

1:30-evening: Projects

4:30-6pm: Meeting with Electron Microscopy Faculty

June 30 – Thur               9am-12:00: Grae Davis – Homeostatic Signaling

1:30-evening: Last day of recordings, end at dinner. Presentation prep, data analysis, etc.

July 1 – Fri                  9am-12:00: No Lecture, cleanup.

3:00-5:30 pm: Presentations (followed by photo)

6:30pm: End of Cycle Party

July 2 – Sat                OFF 

July 3 – Sun                OFF (start of Imaging Cycle Bar-B-Q in evening, 6pm Loeb Patio)



Carlos Aizenman                   Brown University                    Carlos_Aizenman@brown.edu

Kara Pratt                             University of Wyoming              kpratt4@uwyo.edu

Ellen Lumpkin                         Columbia Univ.                       eal2166@cumc.columbia.edu

Diana Bautista                        UC Berkeley                           dbautista@berkeley.edu

Ricardo Araneda                     Univ. Maryland                       araneda@umd.edu

Jon Sack                                UC Davis                                jsack@ucdavis.edu

Martin Mueller                         Univ. Zurich                             martin.mueller@imls.uzh.ch

Patrick Kanold                        Univ. of Maryland                   pkanold@umd.edu



Mark Lillya                Team Sack; mwlillya@gmail.com

Ruilong Hu                  Team Araneda; hu.ruilong@gmail.com

Theanne Griffith          Team Lumpkin; tg2573@cumc.columbia.edu

Blair Jenkins              Team Lumpkin; baj2122@cumc.columbia.edu

Zhenyu Liu                 Team Pratt/Aizenman; zliu3@uwyo.edu

Sebastien Sydik       Team Mueller; sebastian.sydlik@imls.uzh.ch

Meg Younger             Team Mueller; Meg Younger <meg.younger@gmail.com>

Rongkang Deng          Team Kanold; dengrongkang@gmail.com



Bruce Bean                              Harvard Medical School

Rod MacKinnon                       Rockefeller University

Diana Bautista                         Univ. California Berkeley

Chris Moore                            Brown University

Dan Johnston                          UT Austin

Mauro Costa-Mattioli               Baylor College of Medicine

Kathy Nagal                             New York University