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Brown Bag Talks for Spring 2018

Brown BagTalks are held
Thursdays from 12:00-1:00 PM
Rhode Island Hall, Room 108
Brown University, 60 George Street, Providence, RI


February 1, 2018:
Marleen Termeer (Leiden University)
Coining Roman Rule? The Emergence of Coinage as Money in the Roman World

February 8, 2018:
Cristiano Nicosia (University of Padua)
Soil Micromorphology in Archaeology

February 15, 2018:
Emmanuel Botte (French National Centre for Scientific Research)
Fish & Ships: The Salted-Fish Industry in the Mediterranean During Antiquity

February 22, 2018:
Lynnette Arnold (Anthropology, Brown University)
Imagining Family across Borders: Epistolary and Digital Communication in Migrant Families

March 1, 2018:
Jamie Forde (Center for New World Comparative Studies Fellow, John Carter Brown Library)
Broken Flowers: Sacralizing Domestic Space in a Colonial Mixtec Household

March 8, 2018:
Anita Casarotto (Leiden University)
A GIS Procedure to Study Settlement Patterns in Early Roman Colonial Landscapes

March 15, 2018:
Miriam Rothenberg (Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology, Brown University)
Montserrat’s Volcanic Landscapes: Rupture, Memory, and the Temporality of Disaster

March 22, 2018:
Linda Reynard (Harvard University)
Inferring Diet and Migration from Isotopes in Bones

April 12, 2018:
Darcy Hackley (Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology, Brown University)
Social Landscapes in the Egyptian Deserts, 3000-1000BCE

April 19, 2018:
Kate Brunson (Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology, Brown University)
Oracle Bone Divination and the Oracle Bone Database Project

April 26, 2018:
Stephen Houston (Anthropology, Brown University) and Sarah Newman (James Madison University)
Arrival, Return: Movement and Founding Among the Maya

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This site features updates on archaeology at Brown. The majority of these posts will be written by students in Archaeology and the Ancient World courses, but we may occasionally also highlight other archaeological news at the university, or of interest to our community.

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