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Project Crew, Past and Present

A note about the SLAM crew: We are a group of archaeologists with expertise in a range of specialties and time periods – a mix that brings important and unique contributions to the comprehensive approach SLAM takes to documenting Montserrat’s archaeological heritage. Included below are short biographical about the project directors and a list of current project participants:

jfc John F. Cherry, Project Co-Director. Dr. Cherry is Joukowsky Family Professor in Archaeology, Professor of Classics and Professor of Anthropology at the JIAAW at Brown University. Born in Britain (an island, albeit a large one) and having been involved in or directed archaeological projects in a wide variety of insular settings (North Uist and Orkney in Scotland; Matagorda Island in the US; Melos, Keos, Giali, and Crete in Greece), John has had a career-long interest in comparative, global island archaeology, which is one reason why he serves on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Island and Coastal Archaeology. SLAM provides a wonderful opportunity to extend these interests to the Caribbean, working in close collaboration with local Montserratians in bringing contemporary survey techniques to bear on the exploration of their diverse archaeological heritage, which has suffered such damage in recent years, and remains threatened.

ryzewskiKrysta Ryzewski, Project Co-Director. Dr. Ryzewski is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology and the Ancient World (JIAAW) at Brown University, in Providence, Rhode Island. As of August 2011, she will join the faculty at Wayne State University (Michigan) as Assistant Professor of Anthropology. She is a historical archaeologist and material culture specialist, with experience directing three projects and participating in over a dozen historical and underwater archaeological surveys and excavations in North America, Western Europe, and the Caribbean. Krysta’s interest in the history and culture, (and everything else) Montserrat was rooted during her two prior visits to the island as a part of the Carr Estate, Little Bay Archaeological Project during 2006 and 2007.

Current Project Participants

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Emanuela Bocancea (PhD Student, Brown University, Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology)
Thomas Leppard (PhD Student, Brown University, Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology)
Luke Pecoraro (PhD Candidate, Boston University, Archaeology)
Shawn Chittenden (BA Candidate, Wayne State University, Anthropology)

Past Project Participants
2011: Serena Alwani (Brown), Emanuela Bocancea (Brown), Katherine Harrington (Brown), Tom Leppard (Brown), Luke Pecoraro (Boston University), Alexander Smith (Brown)
2010: Doug Anderson, Nina Arzensek (Slovenia), Kendell Cassell (Montserrat), Dr. Elissa Faro (Dartmouth), Tom Leppard (Brown), Rondell Meade (Montserrat), Elizabeth Murphy (Brown), Luke Pecoraro (Boston University), Thomas Urban (Oxford University)

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