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Audit of theme and plugin compatibility

As you may know, is built on WordPress, an open source blogging platform. The core is fastidiously maintained by a company named Automattic.

In addition to the WordPress core, the system is augmented with a number of plugins and themes. Over time, the principle developers involved in plugin and theme development can decide to discontinue support. When that happens, we are notified sometimes. Other times, when we look for support, we see this type of message:

When this happens, new features are no longer added to the plugins and themes, but additionally, bugs are not fixed.  As a result, a number of themes and plugins are no longer compatible with our platform:


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  2. Social
  3. Wickett Twitter Widget


  1. Titan
  2. Inove
  3. DePo Masthead


Calling All Brown Bloggers: Tell your story!

I’d love to have more diverse content on this blog. Currently, it’s a blog about blog updates – boring 🙁

I know from administering this blog network that there is a lot of interesting content here but I don’t want to publish them without the input and consent of the authors.

We would love to hear your story. We want to hear about your blog. We’d love to enrich this homepage. We hope that you will drive more traffic to your blog.

If you are interested in contributing, message me directly or leave a note in the comments.