BGD is a video game production team. We believe the best way to learn is to fail-faster and restart until perfection is achieved. Each of these entries is a journey in video game creation and design. Each represents a conglomeration of teamwork and love that defines the club.

Lumen (2016)

Explore an ancient, deserted temple and speak to the gods in this puzzle adventure. Comparable to Monument Valley, the character progresses when and only when the environment allows. Guide your follower through the puzzles that await so they can relight and restore your temple. Play Lumen

YoYo Hero (2015)

A young heroine faces the rooftops of the city, using her skills and smarts (along with her lucky yoyo) to reach her prize. In this arcade-style platformer, navigate through levels that each pose new challenges to overcome, using your yoyo to grapple towards hookable objects.