CISO Memo: New Solutions Are on the Way

David SherryWhen the Fall term begins, there is always an excitement in the air on campus. CIS and ISG are not immune to this annual event. We have completed many “behind the scenes” initiatives during the summer, and now we once again turn to public-facing initiatives. I’ve been telling people I’ve been meeting with that we have some new tools and solutions on the way.

In May’s issue, I spoke about the University’s actions addressing privacy, personally identifiable information, and regulatory compliance. Not only are committees in place to address these concerns, but solutions have been evaluated and purchased to aid in this area.

In the coming months, Guardian Edge will be rolled out to encrypt University laptops. This product will enable us to be compliant with several state and national mandates, while also protecting the University’s data in the unfortunate event that a laptop is lost or stolen.

In addition, ISG will be unveiling a small software program called Identity Finder. This solution will be run on all Brown desktops and laptops, and will identify any personally identifiable information (“PII”) stored on the computer. This includes social security numbers, credit cards numbers, account numbers, and Brown IDs. It will search all available drives, and will even look into documents found on the computer. If PII is discovered, there will be automated solutions included to secure it if needed, or destroy it if not. You can learn more about Identity Finder, and download a free version for home use at

As always, I welcome your comments and feedback. I’m always interested in visiting departments, and speaking with faculty and staff on security topics. Please feel free to reach out to me directly at, or the entire team at Let me know how we are doing, areas of concern you may have, or questions on protecting your identity or personal computing security. And remember, sec_rity is not complete without U!