CIS to Adopt New Digital Cert Service

InCommon CertificatesCIS will update its SSL digital certificate* process by the end of the summer, moving from GeoTrust and adopting InCommon’s cert service. The move will mean new features and enhanced security.

InCommon’s service — developed by and for the higher education community — will offer the Brown community unlimited SSL, EV, personal signing, encryption, and code signing PKI certificates for all campus servers within the Brown domain.

For the certificate user, this will mean the availability of personal certificates (dual-use, encryption-only, and signing-only certificate) as well as those for campus servers. The new service will also provide better security, offering “the first real step toward signed email and second-factor authentication in US higher education.” CIS’s licensing agreement with InCommon will allow anyone affiliated with Brown University to request a digital certificate at no cost to them.

The office of Computing Accounts and Passwords will continue to manage the process for requesting new or renewal certificates. Requests can be made by either filing an HD ticket using the Remedy application or by contacting the Help Desk.  See the SSL-Certificates entry in CIS’s IT Services catalog in for more details.

* A certificate is an electronic file containing personal information about its owner as well as the owner’s public key, used to establish a web site owner’s credentials when transactions on the Internet must be secured.