IT Profile: Scott Martin & the ITSC

Scott MartinIn this edition, we spotlight Scott Martin, who has been the ITSC manager at CIS since the summer of 2010.  He recently celebrated his 15 year anniversary at Brown, working previously as the Technology Manager at the Annenberg Institute for School Reform for a dozen years.  Before that he’d worked at the Computer Store and CIS’s Service & Repair.

Q. Tell us about the IT Support Consultants (ITSC) program and your role as its manager.
ITSC provides technology support and planning to 66 departments on campus.  As manager, I provide focus and direction to the program as well as supporting an amazing staff.  They do some of the most incredible work.

Q. What projects are you and the ITSC currently involved in?
SSL-VPN, Cloudpath wireless, Novell to Windows migrations, just to name a few.  ITSC’s are the people closest to the end users, making us ideal candidates for testing new innovations coming out of CIS.

Q.  What are your specific security concerns?  What actions do you and the ITSC take to address those concerns?
We’ve seen a rise in viruses through many of our departments and across campus.  We do our best to educate faculty and staff about issues like these so they get a better understanding of the complexities of virus and phishing scams.

Q. A few questions about you.  What’s your background?  Were you always interested in computing?
I’ve been a geek forever, I was coding Apple IIe’s in the 3rd grade.  I’ve been at Brown for 17 years, working in only 2 departments:  CIS and the Annenberg Institute.

Q. What do you like most about your job?
Everyday brings new and exciting challenges and as I said previously, I have a pretty amazing staff.  It’s a thing of beauty when we all start to wrap our collective head around a problem – there is almost nothing technical we can’t solve.

Q. What’s your favorite mobile device and activity to use it for?
My iPad.  I have a dislike for paper, it tends to collect in messy piles around me.   Being able to access all of my Google Docs, meeting notes, etc., electronically is simply much easier for me.

Q: What do you do to relax?
I don’t think I relax. 🙂  We are very active in youth sports, I coach girls softball, and am active in Pop Warner football and cheer.  Downtime, when it does happen, is a good movie or a video game.

Q. What would be the most important piece of information security advice that you’d like to share with our readers?
Please don’t share passwords – keep your password to yourself.  Exposing it means you’re exposing a wealth of confidential information with others, even if that wasn’t your initial intention.

Q. Is there anything else you’d like to add?
A.  Nope, talked enough already.  🙂