Something New in the Air: Cloudpath Wireless

WizardThink of it like a wizard that makes it easier to use Brown’s secure wireless network.

CIS is currently piloting Cloudpath Wireless, an online solution that will help you configure your computer and/or smart phone1 for Brown-Secure wi-fi access.  The new service is now in production and available for general use.

ISG recommends that you use Brown-Secure when connecting via wireless to the network, which uses a secure authentication mechanism (known as 802.1X) that not only protects your user name and password, but your data as well with network encryption. But to use Brown-Secure, you must first set up your device with specific settings. Cloudpath Wireless has a wizard that will ensure that your machine is properly configured for its OS.2

Initally, you will need to go through a couple of extra steps to install the required software, i.e., the XpressConnect application (displayed in your wireless connection list as “SecureW2 Enterprise Client version 3.5.0). Once installed, it will walk you through the Cloudpath login to Brown-Secure. To get started, go to,¬†accept the terms click “Start”, and follow the instructions.

1. Runs on Mac OS X/iOS/WinXP/Vista/Win7/Android devices.
2. For Windows devices, Cloudpath requires that the Windows devices use their Windows wireless managers, as third-party wireless tools are known to conflict with Windows. If you attempt to use a non-Windows manager, you will receive a “Wireless Utility Conflict” error message and be advised to use the Windows manager.