Remaining File Services Online by 10AM Today – RESOLVED

We have completed an analysis of the cause of the outage on the FilesD server, and have determined the steps needed to bring the service back to normal operations.

The outage was caused by corruption of the storage disks that host the Departmental File Shares for the following areas:
Cogut Center
Community Health
Comp Lit
John Carter Brown
Due to this corruption, we plan to reset these departmental shares to the backup that was taken on Sunday night at 8PM.  We expect that this action will allow for ongoing use of the service.  Beyond the departments listed above, there was no known loss of data from the file service.
If you have important files that were saved to the above shares between approximately 8PM on Sunday and the present, please contact your ITSC.  Our network and storage engineers will attempt to perform a targeted restoration of files from the last two days.
This work should be completed at approximately 10AM today.
Thank you for your continued understanding.
Computing and Information Services