CIS Service Alert: Google Email (Brown Gmail), 7/25 6:06 PM

UPDATE 12:45AM – Notice to the Brown community

Starting at approximately 4:45pm EDT on Thursday, July 25, 2013, we experienced an email outage for the domain.  During this outage, all email messages sent to email addresses bounced back to their senders.  In addition, all email messages sent from accounts were not delivered and the sender was not notified of the failure.

Working with Google technical support, we discovered the issue was due to an unexpected modification of Google’s mail routing configuration and were able to resolve the problem at approximately 9:35pm EDT.

What you need to know:

  • If you sent mail between 4:45pm EDT and 9:35pm EDT:  The mail was not delivered and you did not receive a bounce message.  You will need to resend the messages. Check your Sent Mail folder for mail sent between these times and forward a copy of your sent message within that conversation, reselecting the recipient(s).  Detailed instructions on finding and forwarding sent messages

  • If someone sent you mail between 4:45pm EDT and 9:35pm EDT:  They received a bounce message indicating that you did not receive the message. If you were expecting an important email, we recommend contacting the sender.

We understand the magnitude of this disruption and regret the inconvenience this has caused.

UPDATE 10:05PM – As of approximately 10PM, all inbound mail appears to be flowing freely again.  We are working with Google to investigate the root cause of the outage.  People who sent email to addresses between 5PM and 9:55PM received bounce messages, and will need to re-send the original message.

UPDATE 9:15PM – we are working with Google, and have determined that mail being sent to addresses is currently not being accepted.  We are looking to implement a solution being recommended by Google.

We are aware of a problem with Google Email (Brown Gmail) and are working to identify and resolve the issue. Functionality that may be impacted by this problem includes: receipt of email at addresses.

We will be posting all updates, including the resolution of the problem, on the CIS blog at – please check the blog regularly for updates.

If you experience problems other than the ones mentioned above, or problems with another service, please report them to the Help Desk at (401) 863-4357. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Thank you for your patience,
Computing and Information Services