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CISO Memo: 2011 Brought Many Changes

David SherryIs it still admissible to say Happy New Year in February?  I’ll take the position that it is, seeing that this is the first Information Security Group newsletter for 2012.  The year 2011 saw many success stories for the group, as well as some changes and big plans for 2012.  I’d like to take this opportunity to share some of what has been, and what will be, going on.
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Data Privacy Day Observed Feb 29th at Brown

Data Privacy Day 2012 logoData Privacy Day is an annual international event designed to promote awareness about privacy, and to provide education on best privacy practices. It has been held each year on January 28th since 2008.

It is one response to a networked world where questions like “How can I protect my information from being misused?” “Who is collecting all of this data and what are they doing with it?” “With whom is it being shared?” are on everyone’s minds.
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Symantec Endpoint Encryption

Man with a laptop on his lap sitting in an airport terminal waiting areaIn the last issue of Secure IT! we announced the purchase and testing of full disk encryption software at Brown.  In the interim,  though the encryption product “Guardian Edge” was acquired then renamed by Symantec, CIS’s relationship with the vendor continued and the software, now called Symantec Endpoint Encryption (SEE), is in the final phases of preparation for release.
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IT Profile: Adam Glick

Adam GlickAdam Glick recently joined CIS as an IT Security engineer and a member of the Network Technology Group (NTG). He began working at Brown in the fall of 2011 after receiving his bachelor’s and MBA degrees from Providence College. While pursuing his degrees at PC, he worked in their Information Security Office, where he managed their malware and botnet security system and packet-shaper, and was a team member on projects that included roll-out of Identity Finder and Microsoft Forefront.
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Queasy About QRs?

qrcodeHave you noticed the QR (Quick Response) codes that are popping up everywhere like dandelions after an April shower? Use of this matrix barcode, first developed for tracking inventory by the Toyota subsidiary Denso in 1994, took off when phone apps were created to read the symbols, which in turn point the user to more information online. The QR code to the left, for example, will direct you to a web page about the Information Security Group when you scan it with your smartphone.
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PBI Moves to LearningPoint

Moving truck with LearningPoint logo on the side of itISG’s class, Protecting Brown’s Information, is moving to LearningPoint, Brown’s new professional development and compliance learning management system. Simply log into LearningPoint ( with your Brown username and password, then search by all or part of the class name or “Information Security Group.” Or you can follow this link to a list of available classes.
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