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Is your computer protected against viruses?

Do you have Brown’s Symantec antivirus on your home or work computer? On March 16th, support for Symantec antivirus will end, and your computer may be vulnerable to viruses and malware! To stay protected, you need to take action by uninstalling Symantec and installing other software.

If you still see Symantec on your Brown-owned computer, please contact your departmental computing representative, who can assist you with installing the new software.  If you have Symantec at home, find out what you should do to stay protected on your home computer by visiting the following link:


Google Sites Error

We have received reports that some people cannot access Google Sites by selecting the ‘Sites’ link while logged into their Brown Gmail account. The following error is received:

View limit temporarily exceeded, please try again shortly

Error 403

We have filed a ticket with Google and they have confirmed that this service is temporarily unavailable.

As a workaround, to visit a Google Site use the  following link:

This issue has been resolved.

Mac OS update 10.6.5 and VPN/Wireless

If you have Macs and have not updated to 10.6.5 please note the following: There have been many reports on the net (only one locally) of the 10.6.5 update breaking VPN clients. Also there has been a buzz about 10.6.5 dropping Wi-FI connections going around too. In testing we have not been able to reproduce these issues. So, if you need to use VPN and/or wireless with your machine, you may want to delay running this update for now. If you do want the update, we recommend downloading the combo updater from the Apple Support site and using that one over running the regular Software Updater on your computer.