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Convex Hull has been posted! Post any questions here.

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Cool Topsort Visualization

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Hey class, we’ve posted a practice midterm to help you study. The best way to use this is to study first and then complete it without using any extra materials. The practice midterm is a little longer than the exam itself, but the problems are representative of the variety of content and the level of difficulty. Post any questions you may have here!

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Extra Resources:
More info on graphs

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Hey everyone! If you were in class today, you probably noticed that we were projecting a google doc for anyone to write anonymous questions about the lecture in real time. We’re going to start doing this every class, and we’ll post the docs on the lectures page of this site afterward. The first one is already up!

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Heap Posted

Your second Java project, Heap, has been posted on the assignments page. In this project, you’ll implement a min-heap as we talked about in class on Tuesday with some cool extra functionality.

This project is considerably larger than Seamcarve, so be sure to get started early! Your mini-assignment and section this week will go over some of the topics in the project.

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Post your questions here! You have 2 weeks to complete this assignment. Just remember that it is due around the same time as Heap, so please don’t leave this one until the last minute.