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Homework 0 has been posted to the assignments page. Homework 0 will not be graded. Rather, it is a short guide to introduce you to using the terminal as a means of interacting with the computer, and it should not take you more than an hour or so to complete.

You will need this to be completed by our Python Lab next Thursday. As such, the due date is next Wednesday at 11:59pm.

Post any questions here!

Homework 1 has been posted, and it’ll be due next Thursday (1/29) at 11:59 PM. Write your questions here!

Note: This is not where you should introduce yourself. Please do that here.

The slides for Intro to CS16 and Seamcarving have been posted on the lectures page.

Here are some cool extra resources related to the seam carve lecture:
A Youtube video demonstrating seam carve (it’s cool, and you should watch it!)
The original seam carve paper
Obligatory Wikipedia page for a concise summary

Write any questions or comments about the seam carve lecture or extra resources on this post!

We’re all looking forward to a great semester. Our first class will take place on Thursday, January 22 at 10:30am in BERT 130. We’ll discuss the course and jump right into an awesome application of CS algorithms!

Introduce yourselves here, and tell us about your alter-ego unlikely superhero! (part of the first homework)!