Twitter Tips for EM

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 8.30.01 PMIn #emconf (that’s EM Conference!) today, within a talk on social media and medical education, I gave a short beginner’s workshop on using Twitter for professional and educational purposes.  I recommend that you have a Twitter account dedicated to professional networking and education, which you use to engage with other emergency physicians (or professionals in other fields from whom you’d like to learn. I follow surgeons, internists, nurses, education experts–even a rheumatologist or two for good measure!)

Follow Kim Kardashian and tweet your cat pictures from your personal account. Use a separate account for your real professional persona, to follow and interact with ACEP, SAEM, AAEM, EMRA, other EM residencies, researchers, educational sources, and medical colleagues–here and all around the world.

A great place for an overall Twitter introduction is Dr. Joyce Lee’s Twitter SuperUser site.  Check it out, and the links that she provides. (This is a general introduction to the physician on Twitter, not necessarily geared towards academics and medical education.)

Here are links to the handouts provided today. The first includes a list of resources about the Free Open Access Med-ucation movement (FOAM), Continue reading