UnSchedule (2016)

Hacking Heritage was held at Smith-Buonanno Hall on the campus of Brown University.

If you’d like to access the notes that were taken at any of the Hacking Heritage sessions, please scroll down; the links (i.e., 1A, 1B, etc.) are located in parentheses next to the session titles.  Problems? Email marisa_brown@brown.edu

Is anyone interested in continuing any conversations begun at the Unconference with other attendees? We’ve though through how we might facilitate this, and we at the John Nicholas Brown Center for Public Humanities are happy to act as intermediary and host of any follow-up meetings or coffees. If anyone would like to send out an email to all Hacking Heritage attendees to suggest continued discussion of a particular session, for example, feel free to email Marisa Brown (marisa_brown@brown.edu) and she will help to coordinate this. Likewise, if you made a connection at the Unconference and would like to follow up but have no contact information for one of the attendees, email Marisa and she will connect you. Any other ideas for next steps that we haven’t thought of? Email Marisa.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

10 – 10:50am: Session 1

101: Who’s Studying Slavery? (1B)

Proposed by Marjory O’Toole

G18 Talking About A Revolution: Why Civics and Local History Matter (1C)

Proposed by Bill Hasley

207: Contemporary Art in Historic Spaces (1D)

Proposed by Lori Urso

201: Forming Connection To Place (1E)

Proposed by Brent Runyon

206: Ignoring Rhode Island’s Oldest Building and Its First Governor (1F)

Proposed by James Alan Egan



11 – 11:50am: Session 2

G18: Sustaining Historic Preservation (2A)

Proposed by Clark Schoettle

206: Museums of Recent Past / Past vs. Present: PRESERVATION vs. Design (2B)

Proposals by Sarah Zurier and Markus Berger (session led by Markus Berger)

207: Hardboiled History and Grotesque Genealogy: Retelling Genre Fiction (2C)

Proposed by Janaya Kizzie

101: Activating Didactic Narratives: Public History, Storytelling, and Rhode Tour (2D)

Proposed by Logan Hinderliter

G01: Who Cares About The Truth? (2E)

Proposed by Ruth Taylor

12 – 12:30pm: Morning wrap-up in the lecture hall.  Each facilitator or note-taker gives a 3-minute synopsis of their session, followed by 10 minutes for group discussion. Anyone who would like to submit a session proposal for the afternoon sessions may do so at the registration table by 1pm.

12:30 – 1:15pm: LUNCH

1:45 – 2:35pm: Session 3 (Google Doc links for note-takers next to session titles).

G01: Responsive Storytelling on the Fly (3A)

Proposed by C. Morgan Grefe

101: Latino History and Heritage (3B)

Proposed by Marta V. Martinez

206: The Horcrux Theory (3C)

Proposed by Sneha Murali

G18: Inspiring Pride in Place: Doors Open Rhode Island (3D)

Proposed by Caroline Stevens

207: Remixing Cultural Heritage / Digitization Projects and Digital Library Tools (3E)

Proposals by Ari Davidow and Tom Blake (session led by Jim McGrath and Tom Blake)

2:45 – 3:35pm: Session 4 (Google Doc links for note-takers next to session names)


G01: Green Movement and Historic Preservation / Practicality and Authenticity (4A)

Proposed by Jason Martin

101: Community Archives: Seizing The Means of Historical Production (4B)

Proposed by Angela DiVeglia

G18: Making History Matter / (But To Whom?) (4C)

Proposals by Marjory O’Toole and Jonathan Cortez

207: Towards a new plan for heritage management in war and conflict zones (4D)

Proposed by Clayton Kindred

206: Designed to Connect Students in Their Communities (4E)

Proposed by Andy Cutler

3:45 – 4:15pm: Afternoon wrap-up in the lecture hall.  Each facilitator or note-taker gives a 3-minute synopsis of their session followed by 10 minutes for group discussion.
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