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Some of you may know that Elsevier is ending the popular resource MDConsult as of December 2014, and replacing it with a far more comprehensive product called ClinicalKey. Brown’s contract for MDConsult ends on June 30, 2014, so we’ll soon have to make a decision as to whether to add ClinicalKey to our list of resources. Adding a CK subscription may mean cancelling other resources, due to its cost, so we would love to hear the feedback of the BioMed community.

We are currently running a trial for this resource, running through November 30. Please use this opportunity to evaluate CK and let me know what you think. You can access the ClinicalKey trial at (on-campus access). Those off campus can access the trial via logging in at our database trials page.

ClinicalKey’s offerings include:

  • over 500 journals
  • over 1000 textbooks
  • “First Consult” point-of-care clinical consults
  • Procedures Consult
  • drug monographs from Clinical Pharmacology
  • over 13,000 medical and surgical videos
  • millions of images that may be added to presentations
  • over 2,000 practice guidelines


If you are interested in helpful tutorials, videos, and guides for navigating ClinicalKey, please visit:

UNC Health Sciences Library’s Clinical Key Guide
Clinical Key User Guide
Clinical Key Resources

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