Call for Volunteers: The Day of Archaeology 2014 on Friday 11 July!

The Day of Archaeology 2014 is coming!

The Day of Archaeology 2014 will be held on Friday 11 July!

Register now to contribute your own posts, or visit the website on Friday to read about how archaeologists around the world are spending their day.


We are looking for people working, studying or volunteering in the archaeological world to participate with us in a “Day of Archaeology” in July 2014.  The resulting Day of Archaeology website will (and already does!) demonstrate the wide variety of work our profession undertakes day-to-day across the globe, and help to raise public awareness of the relevance and importance of archaeology to the modern world. We want anyone with a personal, professional or voluntary interest in archaeology to get involved, and help show the world why archaeology is vital to protect the past and inform our futures.

How You Can Help

We are looking for archaeologists who are able to document their day and send it to us to publish here on the Day of Archaeology website. You can do this through any medium that you are comfortable with, be it writing, filming, recording or photographing your day.

If you can’t make the date in July 2014, you can still contribute up to a week before or after the Day of Archaeology itself.  If you would like to take part but don’t feel confident writing a blog or uploading photos, audio or film, please get in touch with us at the email address below, and we will help.

How to Sign Up

You can register your interest and email address through our Eventbrite page.  We’ll then contact you nearer the time with log-in details and passwords, as well as further instructions on how to participate.

You can also find out more about exactly what to do for the blog on the ‘Contributors Guidelines‘ page.

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Fieldwork Opportunity: Archaeological Summer Course at Pollentia (Mallorca)

We would like to announce the 1st Archaeological Summer Course at Pollentia (Mallorca). 

The purpose of the course is to expose students to interdisciplinary research that involves archaeology and the natural sciences in the field. The students will experience interactive work that combines excavation and analysis of materials using an on-site laboratory. The course will emphasize the inter-connection between laboratory analyses and the archaeological context, and will include fieldwork, laboratory work, and lectures.

The Roman city of Pollentia was founded in 123 by C. Caecilius Mettellus with the conquest of the Balearics for Roman. Archaeological investigations started in the 1920’s have uncovered a theatre, several residential quarters, necropolis and the Forum where current excavations are being carried out. The archaeological excavations are actually run by the University of Barcelona and the University of La Laguna, under the auspice of the Consortium of the Roman city of Pollentia The ancient ruins are attached to modern Alcúdia in the northern part of Mallorca. It is a medieval village surrounded with walls and a nice atmosphere with all services, bars and restaurants available. Beautiful beaches are at a walking distance and the village is an excellent place to explore other parts of the island.

The course will take place from the 21-25 of July 2014.There are 10 vacancies only, over 18 years old. Selection will be made on academic merits. The profile of the students will be in Archaeology, Classics, Anthropology students or any other person interested in experiencing the real work of Archaeology and Archaeological Sciences. The course includes an official certificate.


Fees: 800 € Archaeological Sciences Summer School;

Fees include Accommodation and meals

Air fares are NOT included

You can pre-register to the course at:

The students of the Archaeological Sciences Summer School are also welcome to join the International Summer School on Roman Archaeology starting the 7th of July ending the 3rd of August.

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Fieldwork Opportunity: Summer school of Archaeology – University of Pisa

For the summer 2014 the University of Pisa in collaboration with Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici dell’Abruzzo organizes an academic program from July 27th to August 24th, 2014. This program will include lectures, laboratory experience and field activity.

The aim of this programme is to increase awareness and competencies about archaeological and methodological issue. The students will enrich their knowledge of European archaeology with particular focus on Italian archaeology.


Field-activities will be carried out in two important sites of central Italy: S.Stefano (Neolithic period) and Alba Fucens (Roman site).


Fees : 2150 Euro (cost includes the school activity, accommodation and meals. International travel and all other than not specified are not included).


Even with the summer close at hand, many students are still figuring out their plans for the upcoming break. We hope you will consider our school as an option for your students who are looking for international opportunities. We would greatly appreciate if you can pass the information about our program on to your students. If you believe you have students at your university that would be interested, please inform them to contact us via


Thank you very much for your support, and to find more information about our program, you may visit:

Kind regards.

Cristiana Petrinelli Pannocchia

Dipartimento di Civiltà e Forme del Sapere
Università di Pisa

LASP – Laboratorio di Archeologia Sperimentale

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Ancient Egypt Research Associates 2015 Archaeological Field Training — Deadline May 30, 2014


January 31—March 26, 2015

Ancient Egypt Research Associates (AERA) has run 10 archaeological field schools since 2005 in Egypt at Giza, Luxor and Memphis. The 2015 Archaeological Field Training program is collaboration with the American University in Cairo (AUC), which will award 8 academic credits for successful completion of the field school. The program is open to both AUC and other graduate and undergraduate students from around the world.

This eight-week, comprehensive package covers tuition for eight academic credits from The American University in Cairo, accommodations and on-site food, tool kit and supplies, medical insurance, local transportation, and field trips to archaeological sites.  Instruction will be provided by Ancient Egypt Research Associates and the Egyptology program of the American University in Cairo.*


  • Designed for upper level undergraduate and graduate students from Egypt and abroad, with instruction by both Egyptian and foreign specialists and teachers.
  • Work in research teams of five or six fellow students, with an instructor and material culture specialist. Excavate for six weeks, followed by one work week in the lab. Students will take weekly tests, write six weekly reports, attend lectures, and complete one final report for incorporation into Ancient Egypt Research Associates’ Archives.
  • Learn systematic excavation and recording techniques including drawing, survey, and photography.
  • Survey diverse archaeological structures on the southern Giza Plateau, ranging from mudbrick to stone monuments.
  • Retrieve and analyze material culture while placing it in the context of life in an ancient settlement, including ceramic, floral, faunal, and lithic evidence.
  • Study the excavation of human remains with bio-archaeologists.
  • Learn to use a computer database and spreadsheet applications to manage and analyze information.

More information and application forms can be found at: Please note that the deadline for applying is May 30, 2014.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at for further information or for any questions you may have.

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Fieldwork Opportunity: Summer fieldwork opportunities in Cyprus

Anyone interested should email for further information and an application form.


1. Kissonerga-Skalia Bronze Age Settlement excavation

The settlement of Kissonerga-Skalia, near Paphos, has been under excavation since 2007, and has evidence of occupation from the beginning of the Early Bronze Age (c. 2400 BC) to the start of the Late Bronze Age. We are currently working to expose the architecture and material associated with the final phase complex (dated to Late Cypriot IA, c. 1600 BC). This complex has evidence for industrial activities, including beer production, large exterior walls and probable domestic space.

A small number of places are available and students will need to arrive Sunday 29th June and leave Saturday 26th July (and be prepared to stay for the entire four-week season). The cost will be £500 (GBP) for the season, meals included except on the day  off. You will also need your airfare to Cyprus.


2. Experimental Archaeology and Beer Production

Experimental Archaeology Field School in the village of Kissonerga, Cyprus in August 2014.  Only 10 places are available for the field school. Participants in the Field School will learn experimental archaeology techniques in order to recreate a Bronze Age drying kiln, likely used for beer production at Kissonerga-Skalia, learn how to produce beer using Bronze Age techniques, and learn excavation skills by excavating a (now destroyed) kiln originally constructed in 2012. The Field School is ideal for all levels of archaeology student (or interested others), particularly those with an interest in experimental archaeology or the archaeology of the Mediterranean and Near East, as well as anyone with an interest in the subject or looking to become more involved in learning about archaeology. The Field School will be running from Wednesday 30th July to Wednesday 20th August.  Participation is required for a minimum of 2 weeks but places are available for the full season (3 weeks). Costs for the Field School are £200 (GBP) per person per week. For more information or to apply for a place please contact us or visit our website.



Dr Lindy Crewe
Lecturer in Archaeology
University of Manchester
Mansfield Cooper Building
Oxford Road
Manchester M13 9PL

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