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JMR – Work Week, May 4, 2009

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

– Supplied additional justification for LAD position
– Retrieved data on class sessions by librarian for RF
– Changed “Theatre, Speech and Dance” to “Theatre Arts and Performance Studies” in dbs per NQ
– Created individual pages for code4lib videos
– Changed Theatre
– Uploaded Banner dump for Summer & Spring 09
    Requested: 11/14/08, 3/3/09, and 4/29/09
    Original load: 26,475 records
    Eliminated schedule “I” – independent study: – 15,836 = 10,639
    Eliminated schedule “E” – thesis prep: – 424 = 10,215
– LITA Web Conference with Louise Gruenberg on migrating LITA site to new ALA platform
– Xerxes Webinar from ELUNA conference
– Drafts of Library IT Advisory Council & Resource Discovery Systems Review Group

JMR – Work week, March 24, 2008

Saturday, March 22nd, 2008

– NISO Forum: “Next Generation Discovery: New Tools, Aging Standards”, Mar 27-28, Chapel Hill
– X-Server Training, Mar 24-25
– Modified PSA for Mellon Grant & sent to Pat P
– Responded re: LITA Proposal
– Sent Position description change to Gloria
To Do:
– WebVPN & Serials Solutions (SET)
– Digital Bookplate question (Crim)
– Set up New Titles meetings
– Set up code4lib meetings
– Set up X-Server meetings
– Digital Bookplate presentation outline
– Respond to Bonnie P
– Post LITA Preconference notice
– Load new banner dump & create new field to replace CRN as primary key
– LRGs: Custom content; Library services
– Finish coding collection development policies web app: pull in LC class data; editing interface
Carried Over:
– Send summary/proposed next steps to Next Gen Catalog group; set up next mtg
– easyBorrow. Redirect failed delivery messages back to easyBorrow
– Finish IEEE SFX fixes
New Work:
– Configure SFX button for easyB, etc.
– Text messaging from Josiah
– OCRA: Add checkboxes to ITG HTML page so that staff can see at a glance what has been added and what remains to be done
– OCRA: change reactivation code so that movie requests are pending and start date is semester start
– OCRA: respond to webpublishers list re: video options
– Bookstack Locator: screenscrape (Max) & database (me)
– Mount Professional Program for Librarians (waiting on Gloria) -> LJ

JMR – Work week, March 17, 2008

Saturday, March 22nd, 2008

– LITA Web Manager Orientation, Mar 17, ALA Headquarters, Chicago
– Met with David about SR web applications
– Sent Brown’s PSA form to Public Display
– Did some form spam clean-up; asked LJ to follow up
– Added new Friedman DVDs to db; updated documentation –> delegate to YF
– Sent Max coding assignment to re-code online calendar to allow staff to select a range of dates for a customized printout for time periods such as Spring Break.
– Prep for X-server training

JMR – Work week, March 10, 2008

Saturday, March 22nd, 2008

– Nercomp Presentation: “Seems Seamless: Joining Library Borrowing Systems with Custom Programming”, Mar 11
– Python Tutorials (Python 101 for Programmers, Django, Zope/Plone) & Conference, Mar. 12-16, Chicago
– Mounted converted ASKB site
– Updated exhibits site

JMR – Work week, March 3, 2008

Saturday, March 8th, 2008

– “Cyberinfrastructure and the Liberal Arts”, Nercomp (UMass)
– STG Senior Research Programmer Interviews
– Programmed My Josiah link to easyBorrow tracking so that users don’t need to re-authenticate
– Converted EZProxy login page
– Converted ILL login and FAQ pages
– Screen scraper for bookstack locator (Max); follow-up: create database & do prototype
– Digital Audio discussion: OCRA/EARs, iTAB, LRC
– Followed up with Bob Morse re: Shoah
– IT Strategic Planning Task Force: read & react to Grad student comments
– Read Educause article for Monday Media Services meeting
– Nercomp presentation preparation
– Responded to Public Display initial proposal
– Responded to HH re: RISD

JMR – Work week, February 25, 2008

Monday, February 25th, 2008

– Trinity College Visit
– Sent DRR-B and OpenURL documentation to Public Display
– Used Max’s screen scraper to pull titles into bookplates site for honorees; eliminates need to enter titles individually in db
– Mounted new Kirk and CASQ sites
– Re-worked video clips code to allow for Windows Media files (deadline: Feb 29)
– Responded to digital bookplates inquiry from University of British Columbia
– Submitted final manuscript, “User-Centered Design in Practice: The Brown University Experience” to JWL
– Brown proposal to host Code4Lib 2009 selected
– Spoke to BDH reporter about SciLi wireless
– Outline for Nercomp easyBorrow presentation
– Responded to HH document
– IT Strategic Planning: Read & react to focus groups & interviews
– Trouble-shooting guide -> LJ ->wiki
New Work:
– Bookstack Locator: screenscrape (Max) & database (me)

JMR – Work week, February 18, 2008

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008

– Posted Mellon position on
– Set up meeting on Mellon position with Bill O’Farrell of Public Display
– Submitted code4ib hosting proposal
– IT Strategic Planning Faculty focus group lunch
– Sent VFNow stats to Giovi
– Converted proxy authentication page & ILL pages
– Meeting with Nancy Magers & Bob Morse re: pike problems
– Meeting with John Spadaro, Bob Morse, Bob Fletcher, Steve Carmody, and Pat Falcone re identifying users whose activity is flagged by vendors for license violation (with SET)
– More ARL stats to Dan
– Added new field to bookplates for custom wording
– Birkin and I met with Bill O’Farrell (Public Display) about the Mellon project. Follow-up: send sample DRR-B data, info about OpenURL/COinS, and intellectual property agreement
– Sent digital bookplates db structure and code to UNC Chapel Hill
New Work:
– Re-code online calendar to allow staff to select a range of dates for a customized printout for time periods such as Spring Break. (range of dates, library/libraries, title)

JMR – Work week, February 11, 2008

Friday, February 8th, 2008

– Bookplates: Tech Services request — Added required field in bookplates database so that a link to the josiah record will appear without titles being entered – edited admin & public code to reflect changes.
– Bookplates: Fixed problem with uploading images in honoree_edit.php
– Edited and resubmitted Application Developer job description
– Revised organization chart
– Workshops on OCRA 2/12 & 2/13 (with Giovi – ITG drop-in session)
– Sent Ron info on OCRA, easyBorrow and class videotaping for ARL survey on teaching & learning
– Mellon Programmer: contacted David Laidlaw
– Mellon programmer: contacted Michael Cohen
– Feedback to HH on ‘Today’s Library’ document
– Fixed problem with Ovid target in SFX — links were not working with new Ovid platform
– OCRA: stats for Bart – posted queries on OCRA documentation section of library wiki
– January HR time data
– Coordinated John Cayley projector test with Media Services; resolved timeout issue with CIS
– Mounted converted Sheet Music website
– ITS dog & pony show outline
– Friedman dvds
– easyBorrow comparative statistics -> Bart & BB

JMR – Work week, February 4, 2008

Monday, February 4th, 2008

– Attempted to resolve problem with MetaLib (Configurations for some high-use resources only work in v.4 and are generating errors in our current production version. ) – Lori will take final steps to move to production on Sunday. [upgrade failed - call placed to Ex Libris]
– Changed easyBorrow pages to prompt for login when non-Brown IP is detected
Follow up: extend this functionality to mobile devices
– OCRA – merged AN173 and ANTH 1710
– Converted stack guides & sent correct links to BB for Josiah location links
– Conducted first meeting of Next Generation Catalog/Search group
Follow up: Send summary/proposed next steps to group; set up next mtg
– Requested funding for python tutorials
– Fixes for LP for PHYS0120 course guide
– Telephone interview for Mellon position
– Arranged local interviews for Mellon position
– Put temporary fix in place for MetaLib problem -
– Contacted John to schedule test with Media Services projector
– Removed my email from GS module of ETD
– Uploaded new files for video reserves – Movie request form did not work; tried to debug; discovered that form did not work on walton either! Sent email to Giovi/Young.
– Rescheduled X-server training
– Read “Curriculum at Forty” Report for IT Strategic Planning Task Force
– Explored purchase of multimedia table
– Visit from Northeastern library staff re: digital collections, etc.

JMR – Week of April 9, 2007

Saturday, April 14th, 2007

– Added field and changed bookplate code to allow for specifying whether the books associated with an honoree were purchased or given
– Restored “Librarian hours” message on Lee’s course pages
– NEASIS&T Program, “Designing Usable Interfaces:Three Expert Perspectives”, April 10, MIT
– Met with MS & PY on integrating Systems into ITS
– Produced Jan – Mar 2007 New Titles List
Response from Prof. Amit Basu (Chemistry): “This is a great resource!!!”
– Converted videos list to HTML_TEMPLATE_ITX & produced updated list
– New revision of COinS grant proposal incorporating HH text
– Preliminary conversation re: creating a web interface for the new Financial Data Center content