Focus on Special Collections: Euclid’s Elements

Euclid’s Elements, composed 2400 years ago, is among the most ancient of Greek mathematical treatises and one of the first to be printed using movable type.  Complete with illustrations and diagrams, it has been considered an essential component of educational curricula for centuries.  At noon, on November 16, 2010, come to the Lownes Room in the John Hay Library to learn more about the history of the most influential textbook ever written.

Audubon's Sage Grouse on Display at John Hay Library

Audubon's Sage Grouse

A volume of John James Audubon’s master work, The Birds of America, is on display on the main floor of the John Hay Library. Each plate will be on display for only one month. This month’s bird is the “Cock of the Plains”.

This elephant folio edition of The Birds of America, bound in six volumes, was presented by Albert E. Lownes to the Library on the occasion of his 50th class reunion in 1970.

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Haitian Masks on display at the John Hay

Didier Civil’s papier-mache masks are on display at the John Hay Library November 10 – 12, 2010.  This exhibit is held in conjunction with the Haitian Studies Association Conference which will take place at Brown Nov. 10-13. Born in Jacmel, Haiti, where Carnival masks are part of a long tradition, Didier Civil represents Haitian cultural themes and voodoo subjects in his paintings and his masks. This year, his work was selected to lead the Halloween parade in Manhattan. Additional information can be found at Didier Civil‘s website.