On the occasion of its latest exhibition, “Printers’ Devils and Printers’ Delights: The Book in Spanish America,” the John Carter Brown Library hosted a symposium commemorating the 475th anniversary of the introduction of the printing press to America, with presentations by leading scholars whose research focuses on the circulation of print in Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

One hundred years before a printing press was brought to North America, European printers and their apprentices were already busily producing printed matter of all shapes and sizes throughout the Spanish empire, from Mexico City to Lima and beyond. Our hope is that the meeting will generate new insights into the collective history of the Americas as relate to the worlds of print.

A keynote lecture by renowned historian Roger Chartier entitled, “The Seven Lives of Las Casas’ Brevissima Relacion (1552 – 1822),” opened the conference on Thursday, February 19, 2015 in the MacMillan Reading Room at the John Carter Brown Library. Reception to follow.