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Film Literature Index

Film Literature Index
The Film Literature Index (FLI) annually indexes 150 film and television periodicals from 30 countries cover-to-cover and 200 other periodicals selectively for articles on film and television. The periodicals range from the scholarly to the popular. More than 2,000 subject headings provide detailed analysis of the articles. The National Endowment for the Humanities awarded Indiana University a grant in 2002 to convert the print version of the Film Literature Index to electronic form. The FLI Online contains approximately 700,000 citations to articles, film reviews and book reviews published between 1976-2001.
Apparently this is free. They got a grant to index the years in question but are not maintaining it. We have the print, might be a good idea to include what there is of the online, which is actually quite a lot.
From: RLC; Added/Configured, 11/29/05 (jmr)

Literature Resource Center Sections

Added an intermediate page for LRC sections explaining that they must be searched within LRC. See:
(Click on “Short Story Criticism”.)

CKB Update, 11/18/05

CKB Update, 11/18/05
These resources were updated & tested:

  • Highwire Press
  • ESSPER Economia
  • American Periodical Series

MySQL Tables for InfoGate

There are 4 MySQL tables that produce the InfoGate resources list and Library Resource Guide deep links:

  • metalib
    All metalib resources except for Library Resource Guides are entered in this table. When new IRDs are added, activated, or deactivated this table must be updated.
    FIELDS: BRN_id, resource, config, resultstype, availability [free/subscription], status, sfxbutton, notes, date_added [added/updated]

  • metalib2programs
    This table reflects selectors’ deep link choices. If an existing BRN Resource ID is replaced or deactivated, any links to that BRN Resource ID must be updated or deleted in this table.
    FIELDS: BRN_id, programid
    The two tables below were populated from a screen-scraping script written by Adam, our student assistant. We can run these scripts periodically if manual updating proves onerous.

  • metalib_categories
    This table reflects all of the top-level subject categories in InfoGate. If subjects are added, changed, or deleted this table must be updated.
    FIELDS: meta_cat_id, meta_category

  • metalib_dbs2cats
    This table reflects the assignment of resources to subjects. As these change this table must be updated.
    FIELDS: meta_cat_id, BRN_id

Making Manual Changes in Resources

When an IRD is added or changed, the MySQL database which is used to create lists of resources and Library Resource Guide deep links must also be changed. Run these queries and edit the BRN_id:
SELECT * FROM metalib
WHERE BRN_id = “BRN03222”
SELECT * FROM metalib2programs
WHERE BRN_id = “BRN03222”
When a resource is assigned to a subject, the MySQL database needs to be updated. Add the BRN# and the meta_cat_id (found in the metalib_categories table) to the metalib_dbs2cats table.
When a resource is switched from a local IRD to a CKB IRD (or deactivated altogether, etc.) all subjects linked to that resource need to be changed. As there is currently no way to query the MetaLib application itself for a list of subjects that link to a resource, those subject assignments were added to the eresources MySQL database. To find subjects linked to resources run this query (using BRN03222 as an example):
SELECT * FROM metalib_dbs2cats
LEFT JOIN metalib_categories USING (meta_cat_id)
WHERE BRN_id = “BRN03222”
This should give a result that looks roughly like this:
117 BRN03222 117 English
128 BRN03222 128 History (American)
129 BRN03222 129 History (British)
135 BRN03222 135 History (Western Europe)
146 BRN03222 146 Literary Arts
168 BRN03222 168 Reference (John Hay Library)
Use the Categories Admin to assign the new Resource ID (say, BRN03706) to these subjects. Make sure to run the “All Subcategories” function.
Finally, update the resource ID in the MySQL database:
To edit one record at a time:
SELECT * FROM metalib_dbs2cats
WHERE BRN_id = “BRN03222”
To update with one query:
UPDATE metalib_dbs2cats
SET BRN_id = “BRN03706”
WHERE BRN_id = “BRN03222”

Gartner & EEBO Text Creation Project

Gartner & EEBO Text Creation Project added acn 9/30/2005; configured jmr 11/5/05

CKB Update, 11/02/05

CKB Update, 11/02/05
MySQL database – – updated.
These resources were updated:

  • EEBO (CKB02641)
    Configuration PQ_EEBO – added
    Action Taken: New IRD (BRN03706) activated; old IRD (BRN03222) deactivated; Category assignments changed in MetaLib Categories Admin; MySQL tables updated (jmr)

  • Oxford English Dictionary (config replaced & tested)
  • Highwire Press (config replaced & tested)
  • AGRALIN Union Catalog (config replaced & tested)
  • Blackwell Synergy (config replaced & tested)
  • American Journal of Transplantation (config replaced & tested)
  • Berkeley Electronic Press (config replaced & tested)
  • Oxford Reference Online (config replaced & tested)
  • ProQuest Dissertations & Theses
    Configuration PROQUEST_DISS – added – SFX button suppressed
    Action Taken: New IRD (BRN03625) activated; old IRD (BRN03195) deactivated; Category assignments changed in MetaLib Categories Admin; MySQL tables updated (jmr)

These new resources were added:

  • History Cooperative
  • University of Birmingham Library Catalogue
  • ResearchNow (Berkeley Electronic Press XML Gateway) – sfx button suppressed
  • ESSPER Economia
  • ESSPER Economia Omega
  • ESSPER Diritto
  • Royal Society of Chemistry Journals
  • AGRIS 1996-present
  • AGRIS 1975-1996

Problem Configurations – Not activated:

  • BLDS – British Library for Development Studies
  • Current COntents Connect (Thomson Scientific / ISI Web Services)