Summer update: newly-minted PhDs and newly-minted grad students!

After a long hiatus on the part of this blog-writer, the Brown-NIH GPP blog will now be updated regularly! Expect some updates from the 2016-2017 academic year and new content as it (hopefully) comes hot off the (literal) presses!

First, congratulations to our program’s newest PhDs, Catherine Hegarty, Dani Rubinstein, and Rahilla Tarfa, who all received their doctoral diplomas on Sunday, May 28, 2017. Dani and Catherine will be wrapping up their current work in Karen Berman’s lab as postdoctoral appointees . Taking her neuroscience expertise to medicine, Rahilla will begin her MD at University of Pittsburgh this fall.

Next, welcome to the newest class of the Brown-GPP! Roberto Aponte-Rivera joins us from University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras;
Claire Gao will be joining from University of California, Berkeley;
Kevin Keary joins us from University of Connecticut;
Jeffrey Mercurio joins us from Stockton University; and
Zoe Piccus joins us from Tulane University.

Stay tuned for more frequent updates in the future!

Congrats to our new PhDs!

This weekend at Brown Commencement 2016, the Neuroscience Department celebrated its graduates. From the GPP program, Geoff Vargish, Adrian Bondy, and Nick Edwards received their doctoral diplomas.  All three will be starting postdoctoral positions soon. Geoff is off to join Takao Hensch’s lab at Harvard and Nick will be heading to UCSD to join Jeff Isaacson’s lab.  Congrats, gents!


Geoff Vargish and Adrian Bondy

Brown-NIH GPP Retreat in Woods Hole

The Brown and NIH neuroscience communities gathered at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, MA this week for a three-day retreat, celebrating the Brown-NIH Neuroscience Graduate Partnership Program.  Friends and colleagues from Bethesda and Providence got the chance to catch up and share some awesome science.

DSCF6557DSCF6542 DSCF6554

Congrats to Drs. Sam Reiter, Jermaine Ross and Tim Bellay!

Dr. Reiter has successfully defended his thesis entitled “Gustatory Information Processing.”  He plans to start a postdoc with Dr. Gilles Laurent at the Max Planck Institute for Brain Research in Frankfurt.

Dr. Ross’s successfully defended thesis was entitled “The Discovery of Cis-regulatory DNA within the Drosophila pdm-1 and pdm-2 gene locus”.  He plans to continue as a postdoc in NINDS.

Dr. Bellay’s successfully defended thesis was entitled “Ongoing Dynamics of Layer II/III Pyramidal Neurons Organize as Neuronal Avalanches”.


2009 Alumnus Dr. Ilya Monosov to join Wash U Faculty

Ilya will be joining the Department of Anatomy & Neurobiology in the Washington University Medical School as an Assistant Professor, where he will continue his work on brain circuits for reward.  Ilya graduated from the program in 2009, after pursuing his doctoral work with Kirk Thompson in the Laboratory for Sensorimotor Reasearch (LSR) at NEI.  Since then, he was continued research at LSR with Okihide Hikosaka, where he has worked primarily on understanding how reward value and reward uncertainty are represented in frontal cortex.  Congrats to Ilya!