Brown Neuroscience Graduate Program Alum Founded Nervana Systems Acquired by Intel

Brown Neuroscience Graduate Program alums Arjun Bansal and Naveen Rao co-founded Nervana, which was recently acquired by Intel! Interested? See announcements through following links:

NeuroPracticum 2016


First year graduate students in the Neuroscience graduate programs have just finished 8 days in the NeuroPracticum course at MBL (Woods Hole, MA). This “at the bench” course provides a hands-on and in-depth opportunity for students to learn essential techniques for electrophysiology, molecular biology, imaging, and behavioral analysis. The NeuroPracticum course allows students to have intense and practical experience at the bench with fundamental techniques that are the basis of modern neuroscience,- working side by side with professors who are expert in the techniques and systems. This intense experience integrates the practical with the theoretical; students understand both the strengths and limitations of techniques discussed in the classroom only when they use them. Teaching Assistants in the course are often 3rd/4th year students. Other advanced students run independent experiments at MBL during NeuroPracticum, further refining their skills in experimental design. This intense course creates remarkable bonding among the students and faculty.

Congrats to NSF GRFP Winners

The Neuroscience graduate program is proud to announce that Gabriela Manzano-Nieves and Valerie Estela have both been awarded NSF Fellowships for 2015 and that Haley Goodwill and Robyn St. Laurent have received Honorable Mentions.  More information about the NSF program can be found here.  Congratulations to all of you!

Eric James wins New England Science Symposium Poster Prize!

On Saturday, April 11, Eric James (NSGP 4th year in the Aizenman Lab) was awarded the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Department of Neonatology Award at New England Science Symposium at Harvard Medical School for his poster presentation on the potential role of HDACi activity in the onset of VPA-induced neurodevelopmental disorders.  Click here for more information on the awards.  Congratulations Eric!

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