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PhD Congratulations

We congratulate several students who successfully defended their PhD thesis through the Summer and early Fall.  In July, Heiða María Sigurðardóttir, who worked with David Sheinberg, and Kristin Kerr Scaplen, who worked with Rebecca Burwell, defended.  Jonathan Barchi, who worked with James Simmons, defended his thesis in early August.  Jennifer Barredo, who worked with David Badre, and Tyler Ard, who worked with Richard Coppola in our Brown-NIH Graduate Program, both defended in early October.  Congratulations to all.

Ethan Bromberg-Martin, Faculty position, Columbia

Congratulations to Ethan Bromberg-Martin, a 2009 PhD of our Brown-NIH graduate program, who has accepted an Assistant Professorship in the Department of Neuroscience at Columbia University.  Ethan worked with Okihide Hikosaka for his PhD and post-doctoral work.  Best wishes to Ethan!

In the community

Eric J

Earlier this month NSGP 2nd year student Eric James joined fellow grad student Teresa Ramirez in a classroom visit to Ms. Angela Flynn’s 7th grade biology class at the Gordon School in East Providence.  Ms Flynn has been organizing a speaker series for her class in order to “dispel misconceptions in my students about who can practice science at a high level.” and Eric and Teresa volunteered to participate.  Teresa described her research on the effects of alcohol on the liver, and how she could use an animal model to better understand the process.  Eric introduced the students to basic topics in neuroscience, including information about neurons and the process by which they communicate.  The students were excited to learn more about how science is done, and we look forward to having some enthusiastic applicants for our incoming graduate class of 2022!

NSGP Student and Faculty Publications

Congratulations to NSGP students and faculty, who collectively have recently published a series of high-profile papers.

Michael Frank, NSGP Trainer, and colleagues published “Frontal Theta Overrides Pavlovian Learning Biases” in the May 8th issue of the Journal of Neuroscience.  For more details, please link to the following URL:

Liz Normand, recently graduated from NSGP with her PhD, along with her faculty mentor, Mark Zervas, and other NSGP faculty, Christopher Moore and Barry Connors, published “Temporal and Mosaic Tsc1 Deletion in the Developing Thalamus Disrupts Thalamocortical Circuitry, Neural Function, and Behavior” in the May 8th issue of Neuron.  For more details, please link to the following URL:

David Hauser, Brown-NIH graduate student and his colleagues in Mark Cookson’s lab at the National Institute on Aging published “mRNA expression, splicing and editing in the embryonic and adult mouse cerebral cortex” in the April issue of Nature Neuroscience.

Justin Allen, NSGP student, along with Roger Hanlon, NSGP faculty, and others published “Cuttlefish skin papilla morphology suggests a muscular hydrostatic function for rapid changeability” in the upcoming June issue of the Journal of Morphology.

Anne Hart, NSGP faculty trainer and colleagues published “The Neuroprotective Drug Riluzole Acts via Small Conductance Ca2+-Activated K+ Channels to Ameliorate Defects in Spinal Muscular Atrophy Models” in the April 10th issue of the Journal of Neuroscience.  See the following URL for more information:

NSGP Faculty Research Grants

Congratulations to several NSGP Faculty Trainers who received internal research grants.

Gilad Barnea, Eric Morrow, and Elena Oancea each received a Salomon Award.  Link to the following URL for details.

Gilad Barnea and Barry Connors received a Research Seed Award to investigate “The Role of Electrical Coupling Between Mitral Cells in Olfactory Coding”

Sheila Blumstein received a Research Seed Award to investigate “The Role of the Right Hemisphere in Speech and Lexical Processing”

Link to the following URL to learn about the Research Seed Awards.

Welcome Fall 2013 Students

Anticipate welcoming 11 incoming students to our graduate programs, NSGP and GPP.  For NSGP, welcome David Brandman, from Dalhousie University (Canada), Haley Goodwill, from Connecticut College, Megan Leyrer, from the University of Rochester, Gabriela Manzano Nieves, from the University of Puerto Rico, Liz McDonnell Clark, from Wellesley College, Nicholas Mei, from Duke University, Hye Young Shin, from Yonsei University (Korea), and Nate Snell Talay, from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.  For the NIH GPP, welcome Heysol Bermudez Cabrera, from Hunter College, CUNY, Joey Burnett, from Brown University, and Kara Fulton, from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

On the cover!

This week’s Journal of Neuroscience features an article by our colleague, Jennifer Morgan, at MBL.  Over the winter break our first year NSGP students were at MBL for our first annual Brown-MBL NeuroPracticum and during their stay, students Saba Baskolyu, Tory McLean, Alissa Trepman worked together with Jen to create the image that is now on the journal cover!  Check it out!

PhDs Galore

Congratulations to Rayna Carter (NIH-GPP), Liz Normand (NSGP) and Shau-Ming Wei (NIH-GPP) each of whom successfully defended her PhD Thesis in April 2013.   Rayna will seek a position in public policy or grants management, Liz will stay at Brown, continuing in the Zervas Lab until leaving for postdoctoral position at another institution, and Shau-Ming will remain at NIH as a postdoctoral fellow in the Berman Lab.  Well done!

Pescosolido leads study published in JAACAP

First year NSGP student Matthew Pescosolido is the lead author on new genetics paper aimed at discovering the extent to which distinct DSM disorders share large, highly recurrent copy number variants (CNVs) as susceptibility factors.  The article appeared this week in the top impact Journal of American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (JAACAP).  Congratulations to Matt and to his co-authors and advisor, Prof. Eric Morrow!

NSF Predoctoral Awards

Congratulations to 2nd year students Eric James and Arielle Schilit, who both received the prestigious NSF Predoctoral Fellowship Award.  Torrey Truszkowski, a 1st year student, received Honorable Mention.  Eric, Arielle and Torrey join myriad other NSGP students who have received the NSF Fellowship and Honorable Mention.

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