I Sail Away On a Nail, by Noah Fields

I sail away on a nail

Trigger warning: suicide

I sail away on a nail

Bound to fail

(Or so I am told in my mail today)

My blood fills the pail

Oceans teeming

Porous, borderless: dreaming

Prisms gliding kaleidoscope

Yellow, blue, red, Fred—Fred! 

Scratching, aching, forsaking what I never had

Waking feeling just as bad

“Dear Rosencrantz, 

I love you, but I can’t keep lying to my–”

Why? Fear the light! It has a harsh slant,

Cruel, cruel, can’t recant can’ts, can’ts

Pant, pants: oozing sweat, semen, blood


No ark coming this time—only sharks. 

Sow, It Grows? by Noah Fields

Sow, It grows?

Trigger warning: abandonment

What have you done for her?  

Hiding in the myrrh  

Scouting the lavendar, 

What about dirt makes you so sure 

Of fertility, of growth? 

What have you reaped,     

Away from your faithful oath?     

Was it the smell of roses, 

The quench of hoses?    

Once she believed you were Moses,    

But this is clearly no Promised Land       

You’ve led her to—                   

This is a Waste Land.                       

The bed of lilies, drooping white      

And dead in the night: like ghosts.               

The garden path fallow,        

The water shallow and impossible to part

But perhaps your dreams are empty now:

A remiss garden for the girl you broke the most. 


Hey guys!

We now have our first post for the Sketchbook from the wonderful Dylan Felt.  But before we post it we just would like to say thank you for your support for this new format through which to share our creative work.  It is our hope that this blog will lead to a more fluid and malleable space in which to share our lives, our hopes, and our dreams with one another.  With that, let’s KICK IT OFF!!!

-Seb and Celia