CEC Co-leader Marcella Thompson presented her research at USEPA/NIEHS/ATSDR National Fish Advisories Information Network (FISHNET) Working Group telemeeting on December 3, 2014.

Dr. Thompson’s research focused on multiple environmental chemical exposures among US childbearing-aged women (i.e., lead, mercury and PCBs). Her presentation provided an overview of her research and its findings with special emphasis on the statistically significant relationship between fish consumption and having two or more xenobiotic blood levels at or above the median. The discussion that followed the presentations centered around implications for future research and public health practice.

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EPA New England Regional Administrator, Curt Spalding presents, “Superfund in the 21st Century: Emerging Challenges and a Path Forward” at a Superfund Seminar on Friday, December 5, 2014

Curt Spalding, EPA Regional Administrator, discussed EPA priorities, especially regarding the Agency’s approach to Climate Change.  He then discussed Superfund and some emerging and ongoing challenges related to such topics as cleanup approaches and emerging contaminants.

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Provost Vicki Colvin presents, “Nanotechnology and the Environment” at SRP Research Seminar

Dr. Vicki Colvin, former Vice Provost for Research and Pitzer-Schlumberger Professor of Chemistry and Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at Rice University is the new Provost at Brown University. She presented an SRP Research Seminar on November 7, 2014 at Brown describing her research on applications of nanotechnology for environmental remediation.

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State Agencies Liaison James Rice and Trainee Megan Creighton co-chaired a session entitled “Transport of Environmental Contaminants Related to Energy Processes” at 2014 AIChE Annual Meeting

State Agencies Liaison James Rice and Trainee Megan Creighton co-chaired a session entitled “Transport of Environmental Contaminants Related to Energy Processes”at the 2014 AIChE Annual Meeting in Atlanta, GA on 11/18/14. Session description: The environment is contaminated by an array of pollutants stemming from energy-related activities such as the acquisition, refinement, combustion/utilization, and accidental release of fuels. This session emphasizes the understanding of contaminant transport in environmental media (e.g., air, groundwater, oceans, soil, etc.) and industrial operations. Papers are invited on topics including the physical, chemical and biological processes that pollutants undergo upon release; the effects of interacting mixtures and complex systems on contaminant fate and transport; remediation methods; release prevention; and other issues, challenges, and solutions on which laboratory, pilot, or field-scale studies shed light. https://aiche.confex.com/aiche/2014/webprogram/Session27623.html

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Trainee Megan Creighton Receives First Place Prize at annual meeting of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers

On November 18, 2014 at the annual meeting of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, the Nanoscale Science and Engineering forum hosted an award session to honor graduate students whose research achievements, in the broad area of carbon nanomaterials, demonstrate a high level of excellence. Finalists were selected based on their abstract submissions and their CVs to present their work in this award session. At the end of the session, a panel of judges determined 1st-3rd place. Megan Creighton was awarded the first place prize. https://aiche.confex.com/aiche/2014/webprogram/Session27429.html

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Nanotubes Carcinogenicity Assessment at IARC

In October 2014, Brown SRP Project and Training Core Leader Dr. Agnes Kane chaired a meeting of 21 experts from ten countries at the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC; Lyon, France) to assess the carcinogenicity of fluoro-edenite, silicon carbide (SiC) fibres and whiskers, and carbon nanotubes (CNTs) including single-walled (SWCNTs) and multi-walled (MWCNTs) types. These assessments will be published as Volume 111 of the IARC Monographs. A pdf of the summary of IARC Monographs Volume 111 now published on-line in The Lancet Oncology is available at http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S147020451471109X AND http://linkinghub.elsevier.com/retrieve/pii/S147020451471109X

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Dr. Julie Zimmerman Seminar

Professor Julie Zimmerman, Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Yale University, presented her work on “Designing Safer Chemicals and Nanomaterials for Enhanced Applications and Minimized Implications” on Oct. 17, 2014 as part of the Brown SRP seminar series.

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Community Engagement Co-leader Bob Vanderslice speaks at Northeastern SRP PROTECT Webinar Series

Dr. Robert Vanderslice (RI Dept of Health Team Lead and Brown University SRP RTC & CEC co-leader) presented “Careers in Environmental Health: Toxicology,” at the Northeastern University SRP PROTECT Webinar Series held on Monday, October 27th, from 1:00 – 2:00pm.

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Students Learn about Nightingale Traditions and the Importance of the Environment to Nursing

Brown University SRP CEC and University of Rhode Island co-sponsored a presentation on Florence Nightingale’s traditions, nursing education and practice. Dr. Marcella Thompson, Co-Leader of Brown SRP CEC and Assistant Professor of Nursing at URI appeared in period costume to students from the Rhode Island Nurses Institute, a charter high school and middle college in Providence, RI that focuses on preparing students academically for undergraduate nursing education and careers in nursing. The presentation highlighted Nightingale’s emphasis on the critical importance of the environment to nursing and health. The Brown SRP-URI-RINI partnership focuses on integrating environmental science and health into the high school curriculum in accordance with the next generation of science standards.

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Marcella Thompson Recognized by ASSE

The American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) recognized Community Engagement Core Co-Leader Marcella Thompson in their “Foundation Focus” newsletter. The ASSE Foundation has awarded nearly $1.8 million to students pursuing degrees in occupational safety and health over the past 19 years. In 2000, Marcella and her husband, Michael G. Thompson, granted one of the first individual donor endowment gifts to the ASSE Foundation. The Thompson Scholarship for Women in Safety is now awarded annually to female graduate students pursuing safety degrees. The full article can be viewed at http://www.asse.org/broadcasts/Foundation_Focus_10_6_14.html

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