Sewer gas vapor intrusion paper to be used by ITRC Team Co-lead

A recently published paper (full citation is listed below) authored by Brown U project leaders Kelly Pennell and Eric Suuberg and investigators from the BU SRP has been picked up by John Boyer, an environmental scientist at ITRC. John wrote the following: “I recently read your paper on Sewer Gas in Groundwater Monitoring & Remediation. This is definitely a source that I have not given serious consideration during VI investigations. Since I am often called upon to give presentations on the VI pathway, I was hoping to utilize Figure 2 (Pathways for VOCs in sewers and plumbing traps) from your paper.”

Full citation:
Pennell, K.G., Scammel, M.K., McClean, M.D., Ames, J., Weldon, B., Friguglietti, L., Suuberg, E.M. Shen, R., Indeglia, P.A., Heiger-Bernays, W.J. (2013). Sewer Gas: An Indoor Air Source of PCE to Consider During Vapor Intrusion Investigations. Ground Water Monitoring & Remediation, Summer;33(3):119-126. PMCID: PMC3740581