A look at the video production process:

chat iconFirst Steps:

  1. Instructional designer (ID) and instructor identify need for a video
  2. ID and instructor schedule a meeting with Scott
  3. If idea is fully fledged, Scott (Creative Team Lead, Educational Media), ID, and instructor discuss logistics (timeframe, feasibility, etc.) and Scott makes recommendations for format and approach
  4. If idea is still rough, another session is scheduled and the instructor is asked to provide a more thorough overview of the video idea
  5. Scott goes to Ren (Director of Online Development) for approval of the video–Does it work with our timeframe and workload? Is it important for the course? Budget?
  6. If approved, move forward. If not approved, consider restructuring, depending on why it was not approved (timeframe, feasibility, etc.), or discussing again in the future


  1. Instructor writes first draft of script/outline, sends to Scott/ID
  2. Scott and ID edit script and schedule meeting to review, if necessary
  3. Scott or instructor storyboards, if necessary
  4. Scott meets with instructor to review storyboard
  5. Scott schedules video shoot


  1. Video shoot!

workplace Post-production:

  1. Scott edits rough cut, checks in with ID along the way
  2. Scott sends rough cut to instructor and potentially meets with instructor to review
  3. Instructor and ID provide feedback
  4. Scott makes additional edits
  5. Final cut/review
  6. Scott uploads to Vimeo/embeds video into course