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Brave Spaces

by on August 31st, 2011

After much warming up with icebreakers, energizers, and a hearty V-Dub breakfast, TWTP 2011 is roaring to a full day today. Before today’s more chaotic (Third World Olympics) and jocular (bowling) activities tonight, Dr. Jamie Washington kicked off the first of many workshops on cross-cultural communication.

TWTP is a time of self-reflection, growth, and learning. Already, first years have taken to heart what Dean and Director of the TWC Mary Grace Almandrez calls “brave spaces”. While safe spaces are necessary for the sharing of personal experiences that happens at TWTP, “brave spaces” encourages us to explore areas of discomfort and vulnerability in an attempt to grow. For many of the Class of 2015, their first year at Brown will be all about exploring brave spaces – from classroom courses to making new friends to trying that pasta dish at the Ratty. But for those students already familiar with the uphill terrain of College Hill, the opportunities to explore brave spaces still present themselves. At TWTP, at Brown, in college, the conversation never ends.

Up on deck for today’s schedule:

  • Racism Workshop
  • Third World Olympics
  • Classism Workshop
  • Dinner with DPS
  • Bowling Night!
  • (and of course, your favorite energizers dispersed throughout)

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