Uriel Cohen Priva


If you got here, you might know already that I am an Assistant Professor at Brown University, but you may not know yet what are the things I am currently concerned about. I therefore encourage you to switch quickly to the CV page to read about what I actually do. Please contact me, if you would like to discuss any of this, or happen to be a secret fan.


Random comments regarding my name

  • If you cite any of my papers, note that my surname is “Cohen Priva”, not “Priva”. I know that it does not follow the American hyphenation pattern, and I might yield in future publications, but it’s “Cohen Priva, Uriel” not “Uriel C. Priva”
  • I pronounce my name /uʁi’el/, but you can use your native liquid(s) if you drop the American English initial /j/. My name begins with an aleph (א), not a yod (י).
  • The Hebrew spelling is אוריאל כהן פריווה, but the transliteration from Arabic is misleading. The original name had a /w/, not a /v/.



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