Postdoctoral Position Available Now! April 2018

Postdoctoral Position – Aizenman Lab

Interested in neural circuit development? The Aizenman Lab at Brown University in Providence, RI is looking for a postdoctoral fellow to work on an NIH-funded project to uncover the cellular basis for multisensory integration. Our interdisciplinary lab studies the development of neural circuits and the role the external environment plays in shaping these circuits. We use a combination of electrophysiology, molecular biology, behavior, computational modeling and imaging to address these questions. We are part of the Department of Neuroscience at Brown University, and are also affiliated with the Brain Science Program and the Center for Vision Research at Brown. Candidate needs to have completed their PhD, preferably in a neuroscience related field. Experience with electrophysiology and imaging a plus. Some coding experience is preferred, but not required. Ideal candidate should also be engaged and willing to learn new techniques as well as develop new experimental protocols. Our lab and Brown provide an exciting training opportunity in a diverse and engaged neuroscience community. Start date for the position is as soon as possible. For more information about our lab visit our webpage: and to inquire about the position please contact Carlos Aizenman at [email protected].