Aizenman Lab Protocols – Our protocols are hosted and updated on Arseny Khakhalin’s page.


Aizenman Lab Protocols  – PDF file, updated 7/2013, may contain typos.

Brown University

Brown University
Departmnet of Neuroscience
Brown Institute for Brain Science
NSGP seminars – Neuroscience Graduate Program
Seminar Series Calendar.

Xenopus Related

Developmental Staging
More Developmetal Staging
Frog Colony Care
Lots of Links from Xenopus Express

Other Labs

Kara Pratt – University of Wyoming
Cline Lab – Scripps
Ruthazer Lab – McGill
Khakhalin Lab – Bard College
The other Aizenman Lab – My brother Elias at University of Pittsburg

BN102 and BN193 Class Links

BN102 will be next taught in Spring ’15, BN193 will be taught in the future.

Tutorial Simulations and Other Educational Materials

Nernst/Goldman Equation Simulator – Web-based simulator of N/G equation, useful for understnading concept of resting membrane potential.
Virtual Neurophysiology Lab – From Howard Hughes Medical Institutes, simulates recording from leech neurons!
Neurobiology – G. Matthews – Some nice (albeit a bit cheesy) animations of action potential mechansism, channel gating, etc.
Brain Facts and Figures – Fun facts about the brain.
Synapses Web – 3D reconstructions of synapses from EM data.
Simulations of ion channels and excitable membranes – A useful online simulation to better understand channel function.
MetaNeuron– A free computer program desinged to simulate passive and active membrane properties and synaptic transmission. Very intuitive.
Neuron– A fully-featured neuron simulator used in several research labs. Links to program, documentation and datasets can be found here. Best of all, it’s FREE!

History of Neuroscience Links

Neuroanatomy & Neuropathology on the Internet
History of Neuroscience Page from the Society for Neuroscience – Provides links to classic papers and to the Journal of the History of Neuroscience
Historical articles from Nature Neuroscience Reviews
The Virtual Laboratory from the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science
Progress in Brain Research, v. 136: Changing Views of Cajal’s Neuron – Excellent reviews of different aspects of the neuron doctrine and how they have changed.
Journal of Physiology at PubMed Central – Electronic archive of all J. Physiol articles from 1878 – 2005.
The squid and its giant nerve fiber – Video clips of Hodgkin and friends cannulating squid giant axons (link via Smith College).