Hali Barthel

Hali is a sophomore at Rhode Island School of Design studying furniture design.  She concentrates in nature, culture, and sustainable studies and on making objects that are harvested in an ethical way.  Her work focuses on the personification of inanimate objects through use of material and form to alleviate feelings of loneliness in the home.

Liana Chaplain

Liana is a first year at Brown University and a potential History of Art and Architecture concentrator. This semester has taught Liana a lot about objects, and in turn she has learnt more about herself and others—though she hopes she will stop getting ads for waist trainers soon. Liana misses her family, her dog Jackie, and her cat Pudding, who all live in Hong Kong.

Finch Collins

Finch is a freshman at Brown University studying American Studies and Modern Culture and Media. Outside of class, they can likely be found at a theater, on their way to a theater, or planning something theater-related. In their spare time, they enjoy sleeping, running, and telling their mom every detail of their life (in exchange for dog photos).

Evan Lincoln

Evan is a first-year student at Brown University. He will most likely study Gender and Sexuality Studies, with a possible double concentration in American Studies or Modern Culture and Media. In his free time, he volunteers as a sex educator and writes poetry.

Isabel Guarnieri

Isabel is a sophomore at Brown studying International Relations, with a regional focus on East Africa. In nice weather, she can be found outside of class basking in the sun on the Quiet Green. She is currently breaking new ground as one of the U.S.’s premiere thong scholars.

Dana Schneider

Dana is a sophomore at Brown University. She studies Public Policy, specializing in Education Policy. In her free time, she writes for the comedic blog The Rib and knits.

Seamus Flynn

Seamus is a freshman at Brown University, planning to concentrate in Music with an emphasis on composition, while also taking classes on social justice and outer space. If he isn’t composing, playing, listening to or talking about music, Seamus is likely spending time staring at a map or a tree.

Caroline Silverman

Caroline is a senior at the Rhode Island School of Design studying Textiles. She concentrates in both Literary Art Studies and Gender, Race, and Sexuality, and is focused on making work that addresses the relationships between people and what they choose to surround themselves with. She is most interested in narrative. Her work exists at the intersection of archival investigation and contemporary sensibility, and she utilizes commonplace objects that are often a part of everyday life to expose the hidden narratives that are there.

Parisa Thepmankorn

Parisa  is a sophomore at Brown University. She is a pre-medical student studying English (Nonfiction track) and Biology, and is particularly interested in sexual health. You can find her writing poetry, eating frozen yogurt on warm Providence days, or petting dogs when not in class.

Isabel Young

Isabel is a sophomore at Brown University. She is a pre-med student concentrating in Science, Technology, and Society. Additionally, she plays on the varsity squash team at Brown. In her free time, she enjoys finding cool places to run/walk in Providence, playing guitar, and painting household appliances with her roommate.


Maggie Unverzagt Goddard

Maggie Unverzagt Goddard is a PhD candidate in American Studies at Brown University. She holds master’s degrees in Public Humanities from Brown and in American Studies from the George Washington University.  Her research explores the politics of the pelvis by engaging aesthetic theory, public memory, and critical race theory with attention to the relationship between objects and the body. For her article on Spanx, she received the William E. Brigman Award from the Journal of Popular Culture. She previously worked at Thomas Alva Edison High School/John C. Fareira Skills Center and the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History,  and has curated exhibitions on outsider art and bad art.