Kenia Alfaro ‘16 is a senior double concentrating in Ethnic Studies and Education from Northeast Los Angeles. When not learning about the barriers students from low-income communities face due to internalized racism in the educational system, you can find Kenia working at the Blue Room or sipping on tea as she and her cat Mowgli watch Netflix together.


Kenia Alfaro ‘16 is a senior double concentrating in Ethnic Studies and Education from Northeast Los Angeles. When not learning about the barriers students from low-income communities face due to internalized racism in the educational system, you can find Kenia working at the Blue Room or sipping on tea as she and her cat Mowgli watch Netflix together.




Dylan Cole-Kink ‘17 is a junior concentrating in American Studies, raised in Western Massachusetts. He is interested in interrogating the role of documentary filmmaking and video production in political and social movements. When he isn’t putting in time at the library, you can find him cooking up some well-seasoned lentil mush at Findlandia Co-op or dodging Thayer St. traffic on his skateboard.




Liam Dean-Johnson ‘16 is a senior from Sydney, Australia concentrating in American Studies and Ethnic Studies. He is interested in the intersections of race, expressive culture, mass media, and geographies of urban violence and resistance. When he isn’t buried in the CSS code for this digital exhibit, you can find him working on his thesis about neo-soul, giving tours of Brown, or trying to figure out Fahrenheit/Celsius conversions.



Sage Fanucchi-Funes ‘17 is a junior currently double concentrating in American Studies and Gender and Sexuality Studies. She likes to approach her academic and life pursuits with a reproductive justice framework. Currently, she is the Library Coordinator at the Sarah Doyle Women’s Center. She is from Northern California, thus appreciates good Mexican food, foggy beaches, and the Redwoods.



Anselmo Anselmo Fuentes ‘16 was born in Colima, Mexico and raised in Imperial Beach and San Diego, California. He is an Education and Urban Studies major, but it is his personal experiences in the borderlands that drives him to further work with urban marginalized youth, by providing socio-emotional and academic support, as well as promoting positive racial identities amongst our youth of color. He also enjoys running, organizing/designing, and desperately wishes he could sing. 



Danielle Galván Gomez is a second generation American-Mexican studying comparative literature with a concentration in Spanish and English. She is interested in the intersections of language, race, and identity. Her writing often centers on themes of metaphor and myth and their appropriation in modern contexts, representations, and policies. In addition, Danielle is a visual artist and painter who resides in Los Angeles. 



Amani Hayes-Messinger ‘18 is a sophomore pursuing a double concentration in Computer Science and Narrative Studies. She is fascinated by memory and the ways in which it is constructed and reconstructed, orally and in written creative nonfiction, to facilitate personal and community identity formation and to serve as a form of protestation. She wears her uncolonized hair proudly, and believes it is best complemented by a burgundy/maroon/black aesthetic with matching lipstick and blended eyeshadow.


Liz - bio photo

Liz Malone grew up in N. Attleboro, MA and graduated from Worcester State University in 2011 with a B.S. in Urban Studies. She currently works as the Entrepreneurship Coordinator at Brown, working on programs that promote the entrepreneurial ecosystem. As a part-time Public Humanities graduate student, Liz focuses her studies on informal education and diversity and how to effectively communicate history, culture, and human identity with the public in meaningful and impactful ways. Lizand her partner live just outside of Worcester, in Millbury, MA.





Joey Massa ‘17, a junior from New Jersey, is a pre-med student studying Theatre Arts & Performance Studies. She is a Women’s Peer Counselor for first year students at Brown and is a member of SAPE.



DSCN0782Linda Medina’ 18 is a sophomore from New York tentatively double concentrating in Public Policy and Ethnic Studies. As a first generation college student, she works as Minority Recruitment Intern in the Admissions office with the hopes of increasing the recruitment and resources available for low income students of color. She prays to one day see a comprehensive immigration reform be enacted.


hpsddrHéctor Peralta ‘16 is a senior from the borderlands of Imperial County in southern California, studying Ethnic Studies and Education. As a Mellon-Mays Undergraduate Fellow, he is currently completing a two-year research project that explores Chicanx student/educator responses to California’s Proposition 187, which denied immigrants access to public services, including education. This seminar helped him connect histories of racialized violence and border policing to historical public school inequities.


Perez, Jonatan

Jonatan Pérez ’16 is a Tejano from Fort Worth studying History and Ethnic Studies. Upon completing his undergraduate degree he plans to pursue a Ph.D. in History and study the long history of Mexican-U.S. relations to chart how diplomatic policies influence the daily life of migrants. He is currently working on his senior honor’s thesis, which outlines how both anti-immigrant nationalists and employers that encouraged immigration relied on eugenic theories to racialize Mexican workers.



Sofia Robledo Rower ’18 is concentrating in Africana studies and Ethnic studies. She is a white Latina hailing from Brooklyn, New York who is often thinking about breaking down borders and the multiple ways the Prison-Industrial Complex manifests. She dreams of radical food systems practices, and working towards a social justice oriented farm.





Spencer Roth-Rose ‘17 is a junior concentrating in American Studies with a focus on cultural production and consumption. His interests include film studies, history, creative writing, and trying to convince people that Donald Trump is not a legitimate presidential candidate.





Mae Verano ‘17 is a junior from East Side San Jose, California. Concentrating in Ethnic Studies and Public Health, she hopes to link how medicine has been used as a tool of control and oppression and to reimagine new possibilities of how medicine can be used as a tool of liberation. Being Filipina has connected her family’s story to the larger narrative of immigration to the US and she hopes to continue drawing parallels between her own migration story and those around her.




Jeremy Wolin ’19 is a second-year Brown-RISD dual degree student studying Interior Architecture: Adaptive Reuse at RISD and American Studies at Brown. He is interested in space, place, public memory, and the intersections of art and architecture.






Jessica Zambrano ‘17 is a junior concentrating in Urban Studies. Originally from the Chicago area, she identifies as Mexican-Guatemalan-American. She has a passion for compassion and the exploration of history, art, ethnicity, and education. She loves God, her family, and her dog, not necessarily in that order. In her free time, you can find her sipping coffee and binge watching Jane the Virgin on Netflix.