In the current political climate, there is incredible need for resistance across communities. This digital exhibit presents counter-narratives of resistance and exposes structures of power to stand in solidarity with those whose histories have been erased from public memory.

As Brown University students, we call upon all members of our communities to confront our privilege and look beyond our insular spaces. We must continue to use the privileges and position we gain from this institution to uplift resistance movements within and beyond Brown’s gates.

Forces of neo-fascism, global capitalism, and white supremacy divide people across national, generational, and racial lines. If we hope to dismantle these power structures, we must recognize that our oppressions are tied to each other and that our local struggles fit into a global context. We urge readers to use the knowledge learned here to share organizing strategies, position themselves within legacies of solidarity, and act against violent power structures. Above all, this exhibit is a call to stand together.