Week 2: Racial Formations

This week we delve into the ideas of race as a social construction. What does that actually mean, and in what ways has race been “made real” as well as malleable through law, policy, and history in the United States?

Week 2 (9/13): Racial Formations


Take two Harvard Implicit Assumption Tests (IAT): https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit/takeatest.html (“Race IAT” and “Native IAT”)

AFTER you take the tests, read this article.


Positionality Paper : This short paper (1-2pgs) asks you to understand your own relationship to the topic of the course, and help the instructor to better shape the content and direction of the course. What is your prior experience with CRT? What experiences in your life have shaped your relationships to the course topic? How do your various identities intersect and inform your relationship to CRT?

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