Week 7: Offshoots

What are CRT “offshoots”? Where and why did they emerge? How do different communities take up their “Crits”? Are there potential limitations of offshoots?

Week 7 (10/18): Offshoots

You will choose four articles from the list below; you will be responsible for reporting the key tenets of your “offshoots” back to the class. Facilitators for this week will be responsible for facilitating conversations between and among the groups, while also asking broader questions of “dilution” of CRT, specificity, black-white binaries, etc.


  • Misawa, Mitsunori (2012). “Social Justice Narrative Inquiry: A Queer Crit Perspective,” Adult Education Research Conferencehttp://newprairiepress.org/aerc/2012/papers/34
  •  Johnson, E. P. (2001). ” Quare” studies, or (almost) everything I know about queer studies I learned from my grandmother. Text and Performance Quarterly21(1), 1-25.Quare studies–Johnson 2001


  • Salis Reyes, Nicole Alia. 2017. A Space for Survivance: Locating Kānaka Maoli through the Resonance and Dissonance of Critical Race Theory. Race Ethnicity and Education, (In Press). Since this text is in press, I’m unfortunately unable to share. It will be coming out in the next issue, and I’ll post then. It’s really great! 


  • Annamma, S. A., Connor, D., & Ferri, B. (2013). Dis/ability critical race studies (DisCrit): Theorizing at the intersections of race and dis/ability. Race Ethnicity and Education16(1), 1-31. DisCrit




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