About Us

Mission Statement:

This exhibit calls attention to the ways in which Asian Americans have used photographs to assert their belonging.

Who We Are:

Mia Gold is a senior double-concentrating in Anthropology and Ethnic Studies. Her interests include digital storytelling, subaltern narratives, and biking up and down the hill to Benefit Street.

Anthony Mei is a junior studying Health and Human Biology. Although primarily a STEM concentrator, Anthony approached this project in hopes of understanding his own family’s narrative and the larger socio-political dimensions. He hopes to develop an appreciation for historical resistance through this exhibit.

Anar Parikh is a PhD Candidate in the department of Anthropology at Brown University. Her work is concerned with political belonging and citizenship among South Asians in the United States.

Cheyenne Rogers is a graduate student in the Master of Arts in Teaching program for Secondary History/Social Studies. She is looking forward to moving to Seattle, WA in the fall, building her educator community, and hiking the many beautiful trails in the PNW.

Nicole G. Sintetos is a PhD student in American Studies at Brown University. She studies  the transnational interplay of race, incarceration, and the built environment in the immediate postwar period.

Kunal Vasudev is a AM student in Urban Education Policy at Brown University. His work focuses on community and student organizing as means for education reform as well as the implementation of community schools models.

Jeremy Wolin is a third-year dual degree student at Brown, where he studies American Studies, and RISD, where he continuously questions his place within/between/around art and design. He is interested in the place of artists and architects within public memory work and the framing of design as social solution.

Dylan Cole-Kink is a fourth year undergrad in American Studies at Brown University. He focuses, among many areas of interest, in the role of documentary media in social and political movements.