Ceilings, Do You Really Need Them?

One of the major things that stood out to me during the hardhat tour of the Providence Public Library was the huge ceiling space during construction. The entire space was not used, however, as the ceilings began below the actual space.

Where the white turns to blue was where the ceiling was built in the 80’s at the PPL

This got me thinking about the functionality of space and ceilings in my palace in Amarna. Obviously the times, styles, and necessities of the common day are different than ancient Egypt, and that will definitely play a role in my design. Space is an important resource, and my plan is to maximize the space of my palace. In order to do that, I am going to utilize an open ceiling structure to go along with the concept of open spaces utilized in the Long Temple in the Central City (Amarnaproject.com 2000).

The Long Temple utilized open air spaces for religious purposes.

The open-air architecture serves as a religious purpose as the reign of Akhenaten ushered in religious reform, shifting the primary god of Egyptian worship from Amun to Aten (Mark, 2017). Aten is a god of the sun, so the open air spaces serves as a religious purpose of being able to worship the sun. A portion of my temple is going to be a holy space, dedicated to religion with no ceiling and altars, similar to those in the north palace, dedicated to worshipping Aten (Amarnaproject.com, 2000). The space is going to have a pool at the center to reflect tranquility, similar to the large pool at Maru-Aten, and have two large altars on either side for a sense of worship and balance (Amarnaproject.com, 2000). The palace having a center for worship adds to the use of the space within the palace that makes it partially public and partially private, where the court can be used for private worship in the house while also being a space where public ceremonies can be held.

-Logan Winders

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