Welcome to the course blog for ARCH1875: Sustainability Past and Present for Spring 2021! We investigate how societies in the past and present have succeeded, or failed, to become sustainable in the short term and the long term, and how we might use that knowledge to improve human relationships with the environment in the present and future.

As a final project, students created a public-facing work on the theme of learning from the past to inspire the present and future of sustainability. Those final projects are collected here.

Noah Sims has created a video to explore some of the lessons that modern policy makers might learn from responses to sea level rise in Sicily during the the Bronze Age. Check it out below!

Inspired by a final paper regarding the need for an international prohibition regime to combat untreated wastewater effluent stemming from the textile industry, enjoy this Op-Ed arguing for the United States to assume a leading role in international fashion sustainability.

Helping Wild Birds

Lyle Cherneff has designed a pamphlet to help local Rhode Island residents make their backyards more bird friendly. As a piece of this initiative, they built and distributed hand-woven willow bird boxes to local residents to raise awareness about the plight of local birds.

Laura Dayton has created a website to explore traditional methods of textile dyeing, and how they might improve the fashion industry today. Visit the website to learn more, and to see the t-shirts that Laura dyed using cabbage, turmeric, and other natural sources: Return to Roots

The purpose of this project is to encourage students, specifically from grades 5-8, to begin to think about how we have to prepare for the effects of climate change now rather than waiting until they start affecting millions of people. This project is a choose your own adventure type story involving time travel to Tel Hreiz, a settlement that contended with sea-level rise after the last glacial maximum. To play through the story, visit https://journey-to-the-past.neocities.org/.

This project examines the history and possible future of fire prevention and land management in Australia. For more information, check out the project website: bushfireaustralia.info