Brown Bag Talks for Spring 2013

Talks are held
Thursdays from 12:00-1:00 PM
Rhode Island Hall, Room 108
Brown University, 60 George Street, Providence, RI

January 31
Andrea Roppa (University of Leicester)

Divergent colonial situations? Nuragics and Phoenicians in Iron Age Sardinia

February 7
Sylvian Fachard (Joukowsky Institute, Brown University)

As Boeotian as it gets? Studying the walls of Eleutherai within their landscape.

February 21
Alyce de Carteret (Anthropology, Brown University)

The Red Shift: Insights into Polity Aesthetics from the Maya Site of El Zotz, Guatemala

February 28
M. Willis Monroe (Egyptology and Ancient Western Asian Studies, Brown University)

The Black Stone of Desire: Diorite Trade in the Persian Gulf, Unpacking a Commodity of Opportunity

March 7
Suzanne Pilaar Birch (Joukowsky Institute, Brown University)

Before the Neolithic…: Forager Lifeways in Mesolithic Croatia and the Transition from Hunting to Herding

March 21
Christian Marek (Classics, Brown University)

Political Institutions and language: the process of Hellenization in Western Anatolia

April 4
Rachel Engmann (Joukowsky Institute, Brown University)

Come and Take Back Your Stuff!: Excavating The Royal Museum of Central Africa, Colonialism and Postcolonial Realities in Belgium

April 11
Susan Herringer (Engineering & Joukowsky Institute, Brown University)

Investigations into Archaeometallurgy using Neutron Radiography and Tomography

TUESDAY, April 16
Marjon Steedman (University of Glasgow)

Romanization and Early Latin Inscriptions on Sardinia

April 18
Alexander Smith (Joukowsky Institute, Brown University)

Island Indigeneity and Empire: An Exploration of the Spanish Balearic Islands in Late First Millennium B.C.E.

April 25
Timothy Sandiford (Joukowsky Institute, Brown University)

Petihor’s Problem: Living and Working in the Northern Abydos Settlement Site, Upper Egypt