Material Networks in Context

Today the course conference takes place, where student present the first results of their research

Material Networks: Migration and Trade in the Ancient West Mediterranean

 Course Conference

Material Networks in Context

Wednesday April 9, 2014

The conference is articulated in three sections

  • Transcultural Connections
  • Material Networks
  • Mobile Communities


15.00-15.15    Peter van Dommelen, Introduction

 Session 1 Transcultural Connections

15.15-15.30           Sarah Woodbury, Implying a Change in Population

15.30-15.45           Sam Caldis, From the Orontes to the Danube

15.45-16.00           Alyce de Carteret, A requiem for Transnationalism

16.00-16.15 discussion


Session 2 Material Networks

16.15-16.30           Sam Lash, Movements and Encounters

16.30-16.45           Kathryn McBride, Illuminating South Arabian Trade Communities

16.45-17.00           Emily Booker, Hybridization, Migration and Cyprus

17.00-17.15 discussion


Session 3 Mobile Communities

17.15-17.30           Mahmoud Samori, Pigs, Cattle and Geeps

17.30-17.45           Andy Dufton, The Phantom Menace?

17.45-18.00           Catherine Steidl, Diffusion, Migration and Mobile Communities in the Neolithic

18.00-18.15 discussion

 18.15-18.30         concluding discussion

drinks to conclude; snacks and drinks served during breaks