Brown Bag Talks for Fall 2014

Brown BagTalks are held
Thursdays from 12:00-1:00 PM
Rhode Island Hall, Room 108
Brown University, 60 George Street, Providence, RI

Please note that we are still adding to our schedule, and these dates are not yet finalized.

September 25, 2014:
Miriam Müller  (Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology, Brown University)
Ancestor Cults and Household Identity at Tell el-Dab’a, Avaris

October 9, 2014:
Brett Kaufman (Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology, Brown University)
Politics, Prayer, and Pollution at the Neo-Punic Urban Mound of Zita, Southern Tunisia

October 16, 2014:
James Osborne (Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology, Brown University)
Return to Mesopotamia: The Iron Age Diaspora and the Erbil Plain Archaeological Survey

October 23, 2014:
Matthew Reilly (Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology, Brown University)
Race on the Caribbean Plantation: Archaeology and the “Redlegs” of Barbados

October 30, 2014:
Anne Hunnell Chen (History of Art and Architecture, Brown University)
New Directions at the Late Antique Palace ‘Felix Romuliana’

November 6, 2014:
Mihalis Kavouriaris (The Ikarian Centre)
A Modern Greek Course for Archaeologists on the Island of Ikaria

November 13, 2014:
Patricia McAnany (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Beyond Colonial Churches: Community Archaeology at Tahcabo, Yucatán

November 20, 2014:
Hallie Meredith (University of Massachusetts Dartmouth)
Engaging Objects: Openwork Vessels and Gold-Glass from the Late Roman Period