Brown Bag Talks for Fall 2016

Brown BagTalks are held
Thursdays from 12:00-1:00 PM
Rhode Island Hall, Room 108
Brown University, 60 George Street, Providence, RI

Please note that we are still adding to our schedule, and these dates are not yet finalized.

September 29, 2016
Katherine Brunson (Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology, Brown University)
Zooarchaeological and Genetic Evidence for Cattle Domestication in Ancient China

October 13, 2016
Sophie Moore (Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology, Brown University)
Archives Are Archaeological Objects

October 20, 2016
Bathsheba Demuth (History, Brown University)
Agency Sits in Places: Arctic Ecology and Modern Ideology in the Bering Strait, 1840-1980

October 27, 2016
Jeff Moser (History of Art and Architecture, Brown University)
Excavating China’s First Archaeologist

November 3, 2016
Laura Hawkins (Egyptology and Assyriology, Brown University)
Uncovering Meaning in Undeciphered Writing Systems: The Role of “Postscripts” in Proto-Elamite Texts

November 10, 2016
Benjamin Alberti (Framingham College)
Body/Image: Towards an Ontology of Anthropomorphism in First Millennium CE Northwest Argentina

November 17, 2016
Meltem Toksoz (Middle East Studies, Brown University)
Archaeology as History: 19th century Ottoman Conceptualizations

December 1, 2016
Emily Booker (Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology, Brown University)
Material Girls in a Material World: Anthropomorphic Clay Figurines on Cyprus from 1750-750 BCE

December 8, 2016
JIAAW Fall 2016 Proctor Presentations