BUPTAP 2018 Team Members

The 2018 BUPTAP team was composed of the following members:

Dr. Felipe Rojas (Archaeologist—Brown University)
Dr. Susan Alcock (Archaeologist—University of Michigan)
Dr. Laurel Bestock (Archaeologist—Brown University)
Dr. Sarah Newman (Archaeologist—University of Vermont)
Dr. Cristiano Nicosia (Geo-archaeologist—Università di Padova)
Mr. Lutz Klein (IT specialist—Brown University)
Mr. Evan Levine (Archaeologist—Brown University)
Mr. Daniel Plekhov (Archaeologist—Brown University)
Ms. Luiza Silva (Archaeologist—University of Chicago)
Ms. Abigail Stoner (Architect—Independent scholar)

Over the course of three days, both at the beginning and at the end of the field season, Dr. Nizar Abu Jaber (Geologist—Center for the Study of Natural and Cultural Heritage) and Ms. Catreena Harmaneh (Archaeologist—Alexander von Humboldt University) provided their expertise and insight in the field.

Ms. Seham Nawafleh acted as the project’s government representative for the full 2018 season.