Mining and Metallurgy Artifact List

Sample Number Context Number Artifact ID Description Initial Observations/Notes
MM-01 GF1731 13597 Pin (1.5cm)
MM-02 GF1718 13650 Pin (4cm)
MM-03 GF1710 13274 Furniture Tack
MM-04 GF1775 15217 Pin (3cm)
MM-05 GF1764 15059 Pin – two pieces (~1cm each)
MM-06 GF1758 14081 Buckle
MM-07 GF1715 13354 Button
MM-08 GF1758 14080 Button Missing the loop on the underside of a button…may or may not have originally been a button?
MM-09 GF1616 10189 Thimble (Cracked)
MM-10 GF1564 9657 Thimble
MM-11 GF1545 9680 Loop (.5cm)
MM-12 GF1731 13636 Loop (1cm)
MM-13 GF1731 13637 Loop with Wood Cork Perhaps a bottle stopper? But then why would it be hollow? It looks like the entire thing is actually made of wood or cork, not copper. The green stains probably come from whatever vessel neck the “cork” was in. I’d imagine that we could identify the type of wood.
MM-14 GF1545 9679 Incomplete Mouthharp Loop
MM-15 GF1771 15098 Mouthharp Loop
MM-16 GF1557 9139 Pieces of a sheet
MM-17 GF1600 9546 Tiny Fragments The shards have coloring (namely red and some blue-ish) not normal to copper. Perhaps they’re not? Or perhaps there’s paint on them or they were exposed to iron during their long stay in the ground.
MM-18 GF270 5787 Long Strip
MM-19 GF1721 13474 Fragment
MM-20 GF1647 11528 Clasp
MM-21 GF1728 13569 Fragment
MM-22 GF1752 10467 Fragment
MM-23 GF1731 13610 Rounded fragments with holes
MM-24 GF1743 13938 Fragment with evidence of hole
MM-25 GF1749 14032 Fragment
MM-26 GF1776 15232 Fragment
MM-27 GF1581 9334 Fragment
MM-28 GF1713 13414 Piece of a clasp
MM-29 GF1731 13585 Rolled Kettle(?) Handle
MM-30 GF1731 13594 Strawberry Spoon Handle
MM-31 GF1775 15206 Kettle or Pot Handle
MM-32 GF1701 13030 Drawer(?) Handle Flatter handle than MM-31, which is rounded.
MM-33 GF1651 10805 “G” Spoon Two pieces