SLAM Project Crew Members

Project Co-Directors

Dr. John F. Cherry (Brown University) and Dr. Krysta Ryzewski (Wayne State University).

Soldier Ghaut petroglyphs, documented by SLAM 2016-2019.

Research Project Participants (2010-present)

Our fieldwork and research team has included students and colleagues from the following universities: Aarhus University (Denmark), Boston University, Brown University, College of William and Mary, Leicester University, Oxford University, University of Maryland, and Wayne State University. Several local Montserratian-based team members hail from the Planning Department and GIS Centre, Montserrat Volcano Observatory, Montserrat National Trust, and the (former) Green Monkey Dive Shop.

SLAM outreach in local Montserratian schools

SLAM Participants: 
Sue Alcock, Serena Alwani, Douglas Anderson, C. Lorin Brace VI, Emanuela Bocancea, Shawn Chittendon, Troy Deppermann, Brendan Doucet, Samantha Ellens, Elissa Faro, Katherine Harrington, Jeffrey Howard, Kiera Kim-Freidell, Beau Kromberg, Thomas Leppard, Rondell Meade, Laura McAtackney, Elizabeth Murphy, Alexis Ohman, Luke Pecoraro, Matthew Pihokker, Ian Randall, Matt Reilly, Miriam Rothenberg, Alexander Smith, Thomas Urban, Hank Villerot, Susan Villerot, and Athena Zissis.

Old Road Bay Estate warehouse (former golf club clubhouse), 2010 and 2018.