Team Resources

A packet will be sent out to all team members a few weeks prior to the season with detailed information about the plan for the season, dig methodology, and links to download the database to start messing around with it on the iPad. This page is designed to give team members bare-bones critical advanced information to help you prepare.

WE DO EXPECT TO HAVE A 2022-23 SEASON!! Planned dates: 26 December-5 February (with some people leaving in late January)

Are you up to date with your shots? Check here, and plan enough time to get them in advance. Malaria pills can be acquired in-country.  Rabies and yellow fever are not necessary for our region.

Things you will need with you that you should start shopping for or thinking about now:

  • tent – you may share a tent with others if you wish, but unless you’re married to your tent-mate, tents are single-sex
  • sleeping bag – not a summer bag, it gets cold
  • mattress pad – inflatable is easiest to pack, but bring a patch kit because you will get holes
  • clothing that works for both heat and cold – think layers – don’t bring shorts or tank tops or anything else revealing or too tight
  • gloves and a warm hat (trust me, it gets cold and we start work early) – gloves with a touch-screen finger are useful for the iPads
  • sunglasses
  • headlamp, with extra batteries – you will depend on this constantly
  • water bottle
  • knife or multitool
  • music and reading material
  • backpack
  • bug spray and itch cream
  • sunscreen
  • camping towel
  • camping pillow
  • glasses if you wear them – don’t even attempt to bring contact lenses
  • medications if you take them
  • things to amuse yourself with in free time – there is no internet! Card games and knitting circles have been known to happen
  • Electronics: if you bring a camera, be prepared to have it die. Point and shoot cameras do not handle the dust well. SLRs are better. Computers and iPads seem to be fine with attention to protecting them when it’s super dusty.

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