Camel spider on a trowel. In some areas, particularly in Site FC, we find so many of these guys that we keep a tally. Our database has a spider clicker button for just that purpose.

Uronarti is a fabulous place to observe wildlife. The scary stuff is well known: there are scorpions, snakes, and spiders, as well as hornets and bees, and we’ve been told the lizards are poisonous, too. Crocodiles are, of course, the scariest beasts that everyone is worried about before coming to Uronarti, but we have not yet seen one near the island.

On the benign side, birds are a daily feature of life. A heron nesting on the shore took off every morning when passed by our boat. Egrets dot the fields at sunrise. The 2019 season was a particularly good one for observing migrations, often including hundreds of birds at a time.

Pelicans were a highlight of the 2019 season.
Cormorants often flew close to the water in 2019.
Even flamingos surprised us one morning by passing by en masse.


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